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Chevrolet Silverado 1500 (69 Reviews)
I have a 2008 Silverado crew cab W/T that was ordered with every option except cruise control The only problem I have had is the front passenger door lock actuator went out just after the warranty was up so I ordered a replacement from parts and replaced it myself. I can't complain it has 86,893 miles on it now and still getting great mileage for a V-8 I think I will keep this one for as long as possible I usually get a new one after five years but this one only cost me $18,000 at the end of 2008 and it still looks new
I love everything about the truck except the motor. We bought our 2010 in July 2014 with factory warrenty by November 2014 we started to have oil problems. By March 2015 they did rings and pistons , I asked for a new motor but the dealer said that coukdnt be done. Found out the warrenty people said it should have been done. Now its in the shop again with a knocking and no warrenty.
5.3 motor been using oil since day one. 31700 miles later and still using oil . change oil every 3000 miles. have records where g.m. changed my oil showing low on oil. use truck for pleasure only no heavy use.
I also have the same problem with my 2010 Chevrolet Silverado 4.8L. Sent to shop to have oil sending unit replaced. They called and said it was installed but that wasn't my problem. He said it was my oil pick up tube an screen. Shop called 2 days later, I was expecting them to say it was ready for pick up but instead said that wasn't my problem an recommended motor replacement. I drive my truck to work an back which is 206 miles per day. No noise, knocking ,smoking or lose of power. I bought it new on dec 31, 2010. It's five years old with 130,000 miles on her. Does anyone know if this is a factory defect or if there is a recall on the oil pressure in the 4.8L V8 engines.
I purchased my Chevy in 2014 with 96000 miles on it I've had a few issues with wiring in the fuse box under the hood now having issues with transmission not shifting in to 2nd gear I hear these trucks have a lot of wire problems
Bought a used 2007 Chevy Silverado 1500 LTZ in December 2014. My Stabila track light comes on, then it hard shifts in 1st gear. Check engine light comes on now and then too. Have multiple sensors replaced, then the Camshaft sensor (1200.00), 4 weeks later it's doing it again. Now they want to replace the camshaft sprocket sensor for another $600. Burns a lot of oil too. We have no idea what is wrong with this truck. We are putting a lot of money into chasing down this problem. No idea what to do. Feel duped.
I just purchased a 2015 Chevy Siverado 1500 LT. Nice truck. Sunset orange. I have owned a 2005 and 2006. I notice they all seem to have some sort of drive train issues. The 05 and 06 had a clunk in the drive line. Now my 2015 has a drive line vibration at 45 and 90 mph. I have read a few other peoples reviews and all said the same. I hope they find a solution because I am very OCD and do not tolerate these types of issues. Every vehicle i own is predestine and the day I sell it, The next person is getting a well taken care of vehicle.
Traded 2013 Silverado extended cab LT for 2014 wanted new model with electronics. Had 10 thousand miles on 2013 mode when I traded for 2014 crew cab. No problems with the older model. I now have 12; 000 miles on new 2014 model..
I've had nothing but trouble with the new model. First hundred miles had to be towed into shop. So far had to be towed 3times for different problems. I dont trust the truck to travel distance. Called chevy 5 times they just want sell me another truck. At this point if i buy another truck it would be a ford. Im 65 and had chevy trucks my whole life never a problem until now. 2014 beautiful truck but beauty is skin deep.
I own a 2002 Ext cab Silverado 2WD 4.3 L V6 Automatic. Fuel MPG averages 19 - 20 mpg combined. It has 235K original miles and still going strong. It stranded me one time, I had to replace the fuel pump. That was about 90K miles ago. The front rotors and pads were replaced 40K miles ago. My rear brake pads are still good. I Put in 2 batteries and I am on my 3rd set of tires. Transmission has been no problem. It has always had a weird engine/drive train vibration right before the gear shift at about 42mph when shifting up. Rarely, I mean rarely on the up or down shift, 2nd and 3rd gears, it will feel more like a clunk and slip than a vibration, but this is rare and it never happens predictably or repetitively. Again, trans is doing fine. No burnt tranny fluid or other signs of trouble. Wheel bearings are still good. My steering and front end have never needed repair or alignment, still as they were set at the factory. The suspension is original and still good. I have a cooling system leak but I can't find where it is leaking from? All of the hoses, radiator, fan and water pump are factory original and still good, I did put a new thermostat in it about 120K ago and changed out the coolant. All the belts, tensioners and pulleys are still good. The front engine seal is leaking oil pretty good, the pan and valve cover gaskets are seeping a little. I have to add a quart of full synthetic between my 5K mi routine oil changes, as needed, to keep it full. I run full synthetic 5W30 or 10W30 and a Delco P47 oil filter. NEVER used the shop's bulk oil or filters, I bring my own. I have one valve that will tap when starting cold, it taps for about 4 seconds then it stops. Been this way and consistent for a long time, does not seem to be getting worse so it may just be an anomaly, but I hate the sound. The AC works fine, never had any compressor issues or leaks. My left head lamp, low beam bulb seems to burn out every 15 months? The dash light that illuminates the heat/AC is out. The very back edge of the headliner is starting to pull away from the ceiling at the rear window. Overall, the truck has run reliably and has not been a money pit to maintain. It is not fancy or macho as pick ups go, but it is a reliable and trustworthy travel companion for a long distance commuter. If you find one for sale that has been cared for and driven gently, consider buying it.
I am having a problem with the oil pressure sensor but found out the engine is bad and needed to be replaced the truck is in very good shape no other problems this happen at 97,000 miles and 5 days after the 5 year mark so no coverage. Any others out there having the same problem? The dealer says something in side the motor not sure what.
Love the truck this is my daily driver has on star with LTZ model ventilated seats and navigation. Silverado rides like a Escalade the 5.3L engine is powerful dash screen convenient with all options the fabrics are nice love the style. This truck was bought in January 2014 no problems at 39,090 miles taking into shop on oil changes. I have leased vehicles but glad I financed my Silverado a great truck ever.
My truck is a crew cab,short bed 4wd 5.3 Z engine.I bought this truck in late 2010 from original owner with 22k on odometer.Like the truck very much, wish it had disc brakes on rear.I don't understand why GM does that.Heater controls are difficult to use, if you want just fresh air it puts airflow on floor only.It has nice stereo and speakers with overhead rear tv screen.
Poor reliability could say more other than go buy something else!
After every start, the exterior temp display is on for two to three minutes. Then it starts flashing and turns off. What should I look at. The sensor in front of radiator is new. It's also the second one.
Had problems with the gauges stop working received a letter about a recall toke truck in a was told that the mileage was to high and the recall did not apply now the oil filter keeps popping off. What does a person to do now. It seems that nothing is ever GM's problems anymore
My 2002 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 regular cab 4.3 V6 still running strong. 195808 miles on it. Was abused by my dad's workers while it was a work truck for Davey Tree. Those idiots even burnt up the engine too. Rebuilt it and now care for it like it should be cared for. Transmission still shifts like new. Brakes are great. Makes my dad's 2011 F250 look like nothing. Best truck I've ever used and owned.
Purchased 10/31/2012 a 2013 Silverado dual cab. Having problems with wind up windows since day one. Ben back to two dealers multiple times. Dealers still have no fixed the problem. Windows are almost impossible to wind up. My wife has to stop the vehicle, get out of the truck, and wind up the windows.

Have had problem with drive train, it was not luberacated properly by the manufacture, made loud noise when shifting.

Oil leek right out of the box.

Poor gas mileage for six cylinders: Average between 12mpg and 13mpg.

Manual does not tell you how to reset when rotating tires.
My 2005 Silverado 1500 Z-71 LT 4 x 4 has got to be one of the best trucks ever made. I hope I don't kick myself in the ass by posting this and then everything goes south, but i have to say this. I have never pulled a spark plug. I have never taken a wire off of a plug. I bought it brand new in January of 2005 and still have the original plugs and wires. I have only used Mobil 1 synthetic since my first oil change and replace oil/filter every 3500-5000 miles. I know there are people out there saying that's wasting money changing the oil too frequently, but I would do it the exact same way if i was to buy another. I've got 270,000+ miles on the truck and a lot of those were doing some crazy stuff. I hauled all of the soil for my garden from the valley below day after day by just filling the box 'til she squatted too much. I ran demo derby cars and hauled them around. I pulled a loaded 27' travel trailer off the stock bumper up to Yosemite more than 20 times. Same trailer over the Altamont and San Luis Reservoir Pass. I moved a couple 10' x 16' buildings in the mud and then a few miles down the road. I've helped numerous stranded motorists in the snow and used it as a dead man or pull vehicle falling huge trees. I've hauled over a 100 cords of wood with it. I've been buried in mud up the the bottom of the doors with the exhaust barely getting out. I pulled 5-7 ton rock and sand trailers locally. I've also been very comfortable the whole while. I love my truck more than a person should. I've asked it to do a lot over the years and it has never let me down. I wish I knew more people that I could say the same about. My buddy has an '07 though...beautiful truck, but tons of issues. The only thing i would probably have done differently is that i would have opted for the crew cab vs. the extended, but that's it. Anybody else out there had a similar experience with spark plugs and wires....stock AC/Delco never touched, cleaned, pulled,...nothing ....250,000+ miles! Seriously! What's the record?
I have a 2002 Chevy 1500 LT Z71 with 242,000 miles and still runs perfect. I have kept up with general maintance and have replaced and fixed a few minor things...fuel pump, altenator etc. Still the stock engine and tranny and I couldn't be happier then how this truck has lasted. I still put on almost 500 miles a week on it, granted all highway and no hot rodding it this truck has never ler me down. Even with the high miles I would drive this truck cross country in a heart beat without thinking twice about it.
Truck has 203k miles. Just replace my rocker panels and cab corners. Drives great, but auto trans shifts hard from 1 to 2. and fuel gauge is erratic, and air conditioner will not hold pressure. overall a good old truck.
2006 Crew Cab Silverado- Bought used in 2010 with 32K original miles. At my 1st inspection (Pa. has annual inspection requirements)needed new brake lining. Didn't get the inspection from the dealer, rather my trustworthy local mechanic.Original lining was rusted & pitted terribly. I inquired & researched to find Chevy was/is aware they used inferior materials & I actually recouped some of the replacement cost. Now I'm experiencing similar situation with brake fluid tubing rusting out. Replaced one last month & just dropped the truck off for another.My mechanic is recommending replacing the remaining tubes.Anyone know of any trends where the tubes are rusting out on others? Anyone know of a good web site that collects autombile defect trends, not advertized as recalls, but if challenged, Mfg ackowledges the defect & provides some type of relief?
i have an 2004 chevy silverado 1500 2wd 4.3 the truck has 182,000 and i have never had a problem until now. i was driving and i was at a red light and i punched on the gas and 10 secondes later the trucks shuts of and i pull over try startin it and it wont start so i waited 5 mins it started but the light came on what could that be? i went to advance auto zone and car quest they put it on the computer and it read code p0016 crankshaft position senior and cam sensor so i replaced them and the light still not staying off what can that be?
i have an extended 1500 (2012) vibration between 65 and 75 mph chevy says is is characteristic of truck...any body else have this problem?? dealer has done all that he can...chevy wants me to live with it for free oil changes until they can fix..any ideas??
My name is sims and my problem is that my 2007 chevy 1500 is making a ticking noise and its stops for a few days and starts over again. I'm really try to reach out to the gm company so that they may tell myself and others that this is a recall issue. My email is its time to end this problem.
Iam very happy with my Silverado and with the southern comfort package it looks as stunning as iy runs. I have 90,000 miles on it and I have only had one issue with it and that is the switch for the four wheel drive. The fuel milage I get just blows away any other truck out there, I average 19.8 mpg on the highway and 17.8 mpg in the city. It is such a pleasure to drive.
This is the best truck I have ever owned, 2003 SS with 191,518 miles and I'm now about to spend 2,000.00 in preventive maintenance just to be sure I can continue for another ten years!!!! I have always changed fluids when recommended and brake pads, thats it. The paint job is loosing its clear coat because I left it in the sun to long, other than that every single component work just fine however I don't abuse the truck but I do like to clean out the carbon every so often!
my 06 silverado has 100,000 miles and it always seems like i have 2 step on it and kick it down constantly. The check engine lite is not on and i have plenty of fuel pressure and converters are not plugged. the garage said there is nothing wrong,but i think there is. It is a 4.8L 4 door. has any1 had this happen,i cant stand to drive it
183,000 miles and still runs great. Only problem so far was the abs brake mod. Good solid body still with only little rust on pass side rocker. Best part is no payment for on 9 years now!
2007 Crew LTZ 4x4, 5.3L, Overall I really like this truck, but if I hadn't had the 100K warranty I would have had to pay for a new transmission that failed at 62K. Otherwise, engine uses some oil (2 qrts every 3500) and the dealer has been working with me to figure it out (I'm at 110K now, but prob was diagnosed w/92K). So even though I like the truck it is not without issues, gas mileage poor, and occassional static in stereo system from the rear speakers only. I will buy again though providing dealer comes thru on engine repair. My 2004 crew was probably a little better truck.
I have a 2008 Silverado Crew Cab...Love this truck....I need to replace the driveshaft because of an incident that my grandmother did, She got hung up on a boulder and dented the driveshaft....But other than that, I love this truck