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Chevrolet Monte Carlo (50 Reviews)
while driving temp gauge stops working when i turn off engine
cooling fans stay running 2 minutes start car in morning fan motor
makes noise 1 minute disconnect battery at night when i get home in morning reconnect
problem gone for a day or two problem then returns
I love my 2000 Monte Carlo bought it in '02 now roughly got 235,245 miles. Oil always changed with 5w20 Synthetic and spark plugs serviced at 10,000 miles. The car is very reliable driven to California and Vegas the ride still solid and interior of car are like new. It has plenty of power love my Monte Carlo its a sporty car driving if Chevy brought back these cars again would buy another. Wouldn't sell or trade for nothing - ASAP its a good car than ever owned for me driving around town gets fully serviced at 5,000 miles.
this car has been a disappointment from the start ... brand new the brakes scrape and grind. they said it was sitting a long time that's normal they say.. a year in the steering wheel started with a clunking, they relubed it and said it fine , still does it , brakes still suck, car only has 30,000 miles on it...power steering started making weird noise , checked it and it was bone dry ?, no leak. checked radiator and it also was bone dry , no leak.. ????? and the worst part it has started rusting in rear wheel well in 2008 and my mother never took it in when it was under warranty, dumb move.. does not get driven in winter, never has , but she has rust.. I myself am a FORD GIRL heart and soul,all I ever owned is a ford .sorry chevy I think you suck but my mom doesnt..
I bought this car 2 years ago with 86000. I have had to replace 2 wheel bearings, and 1 brake caliper. Only left me stranded once when the key would not work in the ignition. Towed it home, took out the switch, smacked it with a screw driver, and its worked ever since .LOL
Great car, good gas mileage, and I look cool driving it.
1999 Bought used at 190k or so. Good car so far and have only had to replace thing's I already knew were worn out when I bought it. One wheel bearing and the battery. Changed oil using a good quality synthetic oil and filter and I hope to drive this good looking fire engine red MC for a long time. Hopefully trouble free as I've had other GM products and have had good luck with all of them so far.
I am 75 years old and purchased this car new in 2006 with less than 100 miles. This is the best car I have owned. I have religiously changed the oil every 3,000 miles and now 74,000. I have travelled in Eastern US quite a bit. In seven years, I have had just normal maintenance. I love this car. It is awesome.
I have a 2006 SS with 136,000. The car runs great, and everything, except the washer pump, still works as it should. It gets 21 around town, and 26 Highway. This is my second LT-4, and except for the tourqe steer when you get on them, they are a great bang for the buck, wish it was AWD. I've owned GT Mustangs also, but, they are strickly summertime cruisers, (we still have Winters were we are). Lately, mine has developed an front end squeak I can't get out of it. I replaced the brakes and rotors, I'm doing the wheel bearings next when I get the time. Overall, a great car!
My 2007 Monte Carlo been sitting for 3-4 years now my engine light is on what can that be? Also my paint is bubbled and starting to chip
the vehicle will not shift out of park into gear.
We have a 99 Monte Carlo have owned it since 2004.
Second owner.
we have had to replace the starter , the alternator ,transmission leak, gas tank replaced,duel muffler's twice.
front wheel hub assembly (barring's),1 rear barring , caliper's twice , break pads 3 or 4 time's , replaced the rotor's twice.
replaced the window motor on driver's door.

and Now we need to replace 1 rear barring , rear strut mounts, gas leak at the spout, and tire's for the 4th time, and it has 236km's on it.. only has one rust hole on rear wheel well.

Does anyone know how much strut mounts and rear wheel barring would cost to get fixed at a garage?. is it worth fixing?
Don't think I'll buy another chev.

This 2001 Monte Carlo is the biggest piece of crap I have ever owned. I have spent thousands of dollars repairing this lemon. I've replaced the brain and too many parts to write about.And once again another problem. I can't even drive it to get groceries 2 miles away without it stalling and barely getting back to my driveway. I did find that most electrical parts are made in Canada and they don't use lead in their solder.Then you get things called whiskers that shorts out the Electrical parts. I'm an electrician by trade so I know about Electrical problems just not cars.I had 3 Nissans with 175,000 miles average and this Monte Carlo has cost me more than all 3 combined. It's a pretty car but a major piece of crap.
Car is a good driver and looker if you forgive the fact that I will be putting a 4th transmission in it @ 137,000 miles. I bought it used with 30k on the odometer. 1st trans went at 50k (Clutches), second at 80k (pump and clutchs), and now the finals are growling like a wounded dog. GM needs to do something about the crappy transmissions in these cars. I'm not the only one in my area with trans problems either. the shops I've been too all say that this particular trans that's also used in the Grand Prix and Impala is garbage.
I bought my 2001 monte carlo LS at 49,000 miles on it. Worked sooo good until about 100k miles when the manifold went out. I didnt even realize until now (100k miles) that none of the cigarette lighters worked. For some reason the place i bought it from said the entire engine needed to be replaced, so we replaced the engine with a new one with who knows how many miles. I dont even know if we needed it but i'm not a mechanic so i just trusted them and wasted around 1100 dollars. (McFerrin motors in Texas, i believe they are snakes)
After they repaired that, the radio didnt get reception either, or just barely sometimes. Now at around 149k miles, there is a huge amount of electrical problems. 3 batteries and 1 new alternator later, it finally starts and drives again. The blinkers work whenever they want because of a faulty control unit which also works as the emergency light activator. The AC compressor doesnt stay on for more than 30 seconds because the engine falsely thinks that the engine coolant is low. I had the temp sensor on the engine replaced to fix the readdout on the instrument cluster, which is always at 0 degrees UNTIL i disconnect the battery for a while, then then the heat starts readin, the ac compressor turns back on and etc. Now it also has ABS issues. There is a loud noise when i start off from a halt but it stops when i take my foot off the gas pedal. After this happens a ton of lights come on, like ABS warning and etc. i didnt know it but when i got the car originally the radiator must have busted, or the person who owned it was trying to fix the manifold themselves by FILLING the radiator with stopleak, which caused the car to run very warm all the time until i replaced the radiator. None of the power locks work anymore. WTF. they stopped working at about 100k miles. The windows still go up and down, and also the trunk open button stopped working as well. This thing is an electrical nightmare. It did serve me very well for 60k miles, but was not worth the 12g's i spent on it. Slow, bad handling. The one thing it had going for it was amazing brakes. Really, sincerely amazing brakes. However now the ABS light comes on now when i start driving. I really, really hate this car. Not because its a chevy because i dig Chevy products, its because this one I ended up with was such a rotten lemon. I have put so much money into this and have gotten a barely decent, crappy radio sounding ride in return. If i could go back in time and warn myself not to buy it, I'd just tell myself "Lets look at a truck, instead. A ford truck." Tommorow some poor sap is coming to pay me 2000 for it, or he says he is. Lets wait until he test drives it. For the love of god let me sell this car. - Sincerely, Rick.

P.S. When I turn the wheel it makes a cracky popping noise. I guess from what i read on the other reviews, an intermediate drive shaft? :/ god damn front wheel drive cars.
Also turns out the type of radiator fluid that is in these cars becomes extra acidic under certain conditions and replacing the intake manifold gasket becomes neccessary on every single car after a while. There was even a class action lawsuit that provided people with x amount of money to repair it.
have 2004 chevy montecarlo with 18,000 orig miles. electrical panel keeps going nuts - the whole thing lights up. the speedometer does not always work. sometimes it registers 20 mph when I am actually doing around 60 mph. Anyone have any suggestions or similar problem?
I am the original and only owner of this car. I've replaced the battery 3 times, the alternator twice, the intake manifold gasket twice. It made the trip to Arizona from St. Louis when I moved in 2004. It made the trip to Oklahoma from Arizona when I moved in 2006. It has just under 100K miles. I think my fuel pump is starting to go out, as of today. Usually, it idles so smoothly at stop lights that I have to be sure it's still running. It always is. I hope to keep this car for many years to come. Go GM!!!
I have an 2002 monte ss which I got brand new.I have had numerous problems with the car.Alot of the gm has no answer for.Within the first 2 years off have the car the electrical has gone haywire the lights flicker often,the turn signals work whenever,and my guages in my dash are all screwed up reading whatever.The paint on the car is awful.Within 3 years of having the car the paint was bubbling and chippin and also looked like it was rust from under the paint.I filed a claim with gm and the pretty much told theres nothing they can do since there was no rust holes.Ive had to replace wheel bearings numerous times,the traction control and abs lights are a permanent fixture on the dash.Ive had the oil pan replaceddue to rotting,the cat replaced and the resonator,intake manifold gaskets,and the fuel level sensor never quite worked right.Great looking car when i bought it just agrravating buying something new and having gm not stand behind there product.So i use to be a chevy but no longer.
I have a 2003 monte ss and only have a couple of concerns one is the fuel gauge reads anything it wants to even after replacing the level unit in the tank for 127.50 an 1 hour of my time, ant he catalytic conertor failure (clogged) had no power replaced it and my car is as fast as it was previously which is quite impressive for a 3.8 litre engine and i get 33mpg @ 73mph because i measured this when driving from just outside philadelphia pa to las vegas nv in just 36 hous straight just stopping for gas (i did not sleep for the entire trip driving by myself )and a utah cop who just wanted to search my car beacuase i was from pa other than those 2 issues i love my car it the most comfortable car i have driven any where
2004 monte carlo ss, the headlights are staying on after the car is shut off
A great car, the official pace car monte carlo, but it has horrible electrical issues when u use left blinker and right the dash lights up like a christmas tree, track off light battery ;ight service traction light service engine light brake light. and also makes a buzzzing sound like a bee when in use.
i need help with my air hoses i dont know were they run to
wont start with the key.can cross it over but wont stay running
I own one it now has over a 150k miles on it and the ac compressor went out. But that is my fault for running the ac while pushing it past 140 mph. She still runs like a champ not the fastest nor the quickiest but still fun to drive.
I just bought this car 2 weeks ago from my sister. The brake, ABS brake, low coolant, & check engine soon lights all came on while I was driving it home. Then within 3-4 days it produced a coolant leak. Whenever I would start the car, coolant poured out from the back side of the motor. Put coolant stop leak in and solved the problem for the moment. A day after the coolant leak started; it also produced an oil leak from back side of motor also. Oil stop leak did not work for this problem. I am a chick, so I only know the basic needs to know about cars. Need some advice please.
Bought a 2004 Dale Jr. Monte Carlo SS with 25,000 miles on it. Nice car except the interior sucks. The dash curled up in the front, the emergency flasher switch fell into the dash and plastic pieces out, probably some our the mounting hardware. The headlight sockets keep burning up and when I went to check them a clip broke that holds the lamp in and I am being told I have to but the whole headlight assembly just to replace this teeny plastic ring. Now my headlighs are stuck in high beam mode and I can't change to low beam. My speedometer whacks out and says I am doing 70 when I am going around 30 and when I am sitting still, its reads 10 mph. I could go on but I am tired of typing. I will never buy another chevy again.
bought this car with 27000 miles on it about 4 and half years ago now has 44000 miles on it no trouble what so ever everything still works and runs great!!
Bought this car used at 22,000 miles. Owned it for 11 years now. Great engine & trans. The rest of car plastic crap! Plastic gear in sun roof failed, GM replaced 4 faulty turn sig. switches under warr. A/C compressor shaft seal failed just after 50K warr. ended. Plastic console hinge broke twice, Leather seats paper thin, failed & roted. Carpet bald from floormat! Clearcoat on bumpers, rear spoiler & roof failed. Car garage kept all it'sd life. No wonder GM cant sell cars!
My Monte has put up with a lot. I am not the easiest on cars and she still purrs like the day I drove her off the lot.
purchased car used at 158,000 have put 42,000 on it to 1st issue was that the car was overheating at red lights in stop and go traffic,thus the cooling fans were not told me it was the cooling sensor,replaced and no change,shop then said cooling system needed flushed,guess what no change,then said it had to be fan relays,replaced all three, no change,shop said only 1 more option it could be,replace the bcm(body control module) $200.00 for unit,$100.00 to program. fans know work but will not go off,on all the time,even when you turn car off.did some internet searching and found someone with same issues,told me to change thermostat and all my cooling problems will go away,replaced it and guess what,fixed everything!next issue,car is losing power badly,shop says tune up,did this no says replace coil packs.did this no change,checked internet found these cars have catalitic converter issues,replaced and car now has more power than when i got it!3rd issue car's traction control lights come on when it rains and after i wash it,has progressed to on all the time now.checked internet found wheel speed sensors wire harness's are faulty.4th service tech found bad oil leak on back of motor,losing 2 qts per 3,000 miles.some kind of o-ring gasket on a cap on engine.5 clunking noise in steering,faulty shaft.
I have a 1998 Monte which I purchased new. I now have 228,000 miles on it and can't complain. It's been a great car. Brakes seem to be replaced alot but could be my Engine has been major issues. Standard water pump, serpentine belt, starter,etc but what do I expect at 228,000 miles? My check engine light has been on since 100,000 miles but engine is fine. I did have to spend a fortune to tell the computer that I wasn't stealing my own car. Was DEFINATELY not happy with that. Other than what I would call minor issues..I love my monte!!
Overall this car is great. I live in the Midwest which means I must handle extreme weather--cold or hot. This car handles very well on ice, however, it doesn't take much to get this car stuck in snow since it rides so low to the ground. For some reason, the radio facing gets abnormally hot to the touch. One major headache has been the breaks specifically the rotors. I've had to rotate and replace the rotors multiple times.