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Chevrolet Lumina APV (10 Reviews)
Love this minivan. Today I had it packed with all families from out of state and live in area over to grandma house for Christmas has served me well never put anything major into it I changed oil at 5,000 miles the 3.4 liter engine is awesome I have originally 145,000 miles on my APV very comfortable gets good gas mileage for van. When it comes in getting things fixed up all parts are cheap in installing whatever needs to be done on it. Smooth ride I bought it used 13 years ago after that time never have had problems since Day 1 all of the electronics still works except cruise control malfunction but took in to Firestone who reset something can't remember what but otherwise its a good quality minivan still looks good. These APVs are really great vans I see couple of them around town plus traveling up to Ohio too love my minivan kind of sporty for something economical the defroster also stopped working but when let the shop work on my car they fixed sensor and added some Freon in engine. It is a garage kept minivan very peppy General Motors made an great minivan built to last though picked it up used has not given me any problems cost a lot of money. Thank You Chevy!
I've had a 1994, 3.8 and two 1996 3.4. 1994 with 170000 miles when it was crashed when a person turned left in front of me and I couldn't stop, but I won. and with a busted front end, bent rad. I drove it home 40 miles. It turned out to be to damaged to repair, then I got a white 1996, a few years later hit a deer and smashed the front end. so I got a green 1996. my son repaired the white one so I drove that one 360000 until I was having many problems. now I'm back to the green one. but it only has 140000 miles so I a lot of miles to go
I have owned 4 and each one we gave away at about 280,000. We are proud to say that the folks drove them each for over 330,000 miles before they were junked out. Great value to the $$$$$
i have electical problems, both fans had to be directly wired to fuse box under the hood also the power windows.
The van is reliable but I have a story. A temperature controlled valve that sits in front of the distributor got snapped when we were replacing a seal on the distributor. We thought "Ok. We'll just have to get another." Funny thing is nobody seems to know what it is. The vehicle is a 1990 Lumina Van with a 3.1L engine.If anyone here knows please email me at and let me know. Lol. I do appreciate your time.
I bought this apv cargo van for my landscape irrigation business. It was April 1994 with 63,889 miles. Replaced original engine at 181,000 miles due to oil pump failure. I now have 309,000 miles total on van. Have had issues with a/c not cooling completely. Still has original transmission. Change oil every 3,000 miles, always have repairs made at local Chevolet dealer. Love my van, wish I had another.
I've had this van for 12 yrs now , and I still love it. It's the best American made vehicle I've ever owned. I've had all the usual problems over the years , but nothing that cost an arm and a leg.
This is my first van and I love it.
I have had my van 13 years-bought it new, and now I am starting to have underbody/wheelwell issues which are being taken care of now. All in all it has been a wonderful van and just hitting 50,000 original miles. Plan on driving it until it falls apart or not worth repairing anymore.
I have had mine for 13 years now, replaced engine at 159,000 now have 210,000. Even though I also have a 2002 Chevrolet Avalanche, I love my Lumina