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Chevrolet G Series Van (G30) (5 Reviews)
I own a G30 Extended Van with HD emissions. It runs great and have had little problems with it. The biggest problem is Rust. Though the main body from about 1 foot up is in great shape the bottom rockers and panels are rusted out. I am in the process of replacement. The 350 HD engine is simple to work on and has plenty of power for a big horse like the one ton extended. A 7.4 would be even better. I have only done "maintenance work to it like oil, lube, O2 it. The interior has held up great, though the carpet is in need of being replaced due to heavy hauling and grease. Over all, a good truck!
This van is a workhorse. I bought it used with 115000 miles on it blowing a little smoke. We put a lightly used engine in it and I have nearly 180000 miles on the body, with around 70000 on the motor. It has never given me a question in five years. The body is a little rusted (lower panels), the wheels have needed ball joints, tie-rods, and other stuff. Front end is loose. Minor electrical problems. But, it is a great truck that does all the work I put it through. People ask why I don't get a new truck....because this one pays me! I will do some light work on it and keep it...It's now nostalgic!
my truck over heats i pull the sparks plugs out and chank it over i didn't see any water pumping out. i also took out the thermostat
An excellent vehicle with some previous owner issues - such as no oil changes, lights not replaced or repaired, fuel inlet restrictor damaged/missing, missing sound system but intact radio/cassette player, and otherwise shoddy repairs to the whole of the vehicle. But, as with any gem in the rough, this vehicle has a great engine and transmission with low (for the year) miles.
mine has 170,000 miles on it and we are having trouble with the engine.