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Chevrolet G Series Van (G20) (12 Reviews)
found out i had multiple issuses. two ground wires broken. coil broke inside. now running fine.
bought mine for $500.00 7 years ago. ran great till now. it has 237,000 miles on it.

the coil pack is not getting juice. just stop working in the rain on 95 south. it rumbled then stop working.

my neighbor jumped the pack from the battery does not start cranks but does not fire up.

i replace the coil. but does anybody know if this year uses fusable links? any help appreciated.
I just picked up my van last Aug. (2013) and love it. The only issues I am having is that when hot outside it vapor locks (I was told). It turns over but then dies, will restart but then dies. If I can get it rolling then it runs great and when not hot weather it runs great. There is a switch for turning off lights while doors are open but doesn't seem to work, so interior lights stay on when doors are open, not ideal for camping, fishing, etc. Have the V6 and hope to remove 2nd row of seats for more space and do some traveling. Any ideas about how to fix the vapor lock issue? Thanks
I had the same issue as with the idle, turned out to be a combination of a bad EGR valve and I replaces the pick up coil in the distrbutor for 22.00, just knocked out the dist. gear pin with a punch and hammer, put the new one on and it purred like a G20 kitten. Before you do that though check your fuel pressure to be between 9-13 if its lower that may be the prob.
I had the same thing happen on our 1991 g20. Found a fuse for the fuel pump was all it was!

Hope this helps!
i have a 1990 chevy g20 van and since iv had it i took it for a test drive the first day i have had it and only went about a mile and a half from home and started going up hill is when i had lost power and costed to the side of the road and would start it had sounded like i was out of gas>when i had finally made it home finally after getting it towed i had a mechanic come out and look at it and so far i have replaced the fuel pump and the distributor cap and rotor and the modual all it does it cranks but wont start and i have to keep spraying starter fluid in for it to start and even when i do that it wont stay running itll run for about thirty seconds then shut off could any body help me to figure out what the problem is or what it could be i had gotten the van for my family as it has grown to be pretty big and we have yet not gotten to use it and the only other vehicle we have is a small single size truck PLEASE HELP
I was driving my 1978 GMC 3/4 ton van from Connecticut to Maryland for the Thanksgiving weekend, 1985. 10PM at night,65MPH, extremely light traffic. In those days, the CT. turnpike had a toll plate about every 20 miles or so, 35 cents just to break up the monotony. There was a light rain falling so I was using "intermittents" to sweep the glass. Temp was right at freezing but I wasn't scared, I was in my van.
Coming to the New Britain toll plate I let off the gas and did a brake check. the road noise went silent and I started to slide, straight ahead, 65MPH.ICE, so I let off the brakes, the road noise from the tires was back! The wheels started turning, I steered a correction and touched the brakes again. Yeah, Start to slow down then the road goes silent again and I start to slide again. Dang, the toll booths are coming up fast and I'm still doin 50!
These gates at the toll plate are protected by 6 foot high concrete wedge, you know, shaped like the bow of a boat so if anything hits it the toll collector wont be hurt. I try the brakes again and get her slowed to about 35 MPH when I lose traction for the last time. I say the last time because I am gonna hit this abutment, or not. So I let off the brakes and aim for the slot. I can still see the lady's face as I crashed her gate doin about 30 MPH. The little wooden toll arm that hangs down until you pay was turned into a million little toothpicks. Poor thing rode up the glass about halfway and exploded. Holy cow! After i get through the gate I slam on the brakes and come to a complete stop.Go figure, They salt the exit side and not the approach. The wipers sweep the glass clean. Check that out, both wipers are still on the van and working! I jump out and run back to the gate, toss in my 35 cents which I was holding the whole time and said " its really icy up there!" to the lady who was unable to reply. I ran back to my van and continued all the way to Dunkirk before checking for damage. I will report I had too buff and wax, but not even a dent. In 1995 I finally laid this van too rest after 440,000miles, although I have transplanted her 400cid/400thd into a needy 1972 Monte Carlo. Greats times
I have had the same 1995 Chevy van since we bought it new off the lot, and it has 206K miles on it. We've put on every single one, and this is my favorite vehicle. A lot of the bells and whistles have broken, but the engine and transmission have never failed me. I've had to replace the steering box and front end suspension due to a wreck, but the only thing I've ever had to replace due to wear and tear is the fly wheel and radiator. I love my van and will drive until it won't drive anymore.
Very Pleased with vehicle. Had to replace Transmission due to prior owner abuse. Need to change fuel pump, don't know where relay is for fuelpump. Any help would be great. Also is a bit hard on fuel. Any tricks beyond standard tuneup would be great. Can't invest too much $$$ due to being disabled.
Many yes, many not perfect but I love it...
Body style is old school but who cares, this van is a wonderful machine. No complaints.
when wet outside brakes are very grabby hydroplanes