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Chevrolet 1500 Pickup (29 Reviews)
I have a 1996 Chev C/1500 it has 295625 miles on it and runs like a dream. I have had to do a few repairs over the years but nothing major it has had synthetic oil since new I had a mechanic do a compression check and it is as new.
when i frist start it it hit and try to start but i turn the key off and try again and hit till it start
I bought my Regency conversion Chevy 1500 extra cab truck on Ebay auction back in 2005 with 51,000 miles on it. The paint and interior at that time were outstanding, almost as if new condition. Through the past years and now at 113,000 miles I have had the following work done on the truck : 1. Automatic tranny rebuilt at 72,000 miles at cost of $800
2. Rear end axle bearings galled up and making lots of noise at speed, needed to be replaced at cost of $750
3. Usual wear items such as tires, accessory drive belt
Other issues I have had with this conversion truck is that the rear power sliding window stopped working, the paint has finally started to lose its clear coat protection on the top surfaces, tie rod ends need replacement, have had tons of problems with the brakes system, seems that the truck will not stop easily, feels like the front and rear brakes are not working together as they should and the front wheel ABS sensors were bad had to be replaced, lately the biggest problem I am having is the constant replacement of the brake lights switch assembly as I lose the brake lights function about every three months, getting tired of changing that unit out, not an easy item to replace.
This truck is really good down the road, cruises really nice, gas mileage is not bad as i get about 15 mpg in town and almost 20 mpg on highway. My truck has the Vortec 5.7 litre engine and it runs like a top. I would recommend this truck to anyone however I would insist that they make sure the brakes are working properly and no electrical issues. I would buy another Chevrolet truck again.
my vehicle will not start.if i put gas in the fuel injector manually,it starts and stays running.Do you know the problem?
Bought our 1996 Chevy truck used with 300K miles on it in 2007. I replacded a few worn parts and it ended up the only vehicle my wife and I now own. We travel all around America. This was our first Chevrolet Pickup. We use to own Fords and never had a Ford last like this Chevrolet is. The V6 engine is next to perfect. We still have great oil pressure at 380K miles. Good gas mileage and the real problem now is the 5spd Tanny is showing signs of wear.. I will have it replaced and plan on keeping this truck till I get too old and can no longer shift it...That may be a long time..I hope.
I purched this 1997 Chevy Truck 1500 From my Cousin wich was the first owner. He took good care of it.The truck Looks Good and Runs Great I Will be towing My Drag cars to the Drag Strip in 2014 With this Truck. Cant Wait! I Get Lots of Great Coments from People where ever I Go.
would like to know how to repair the hazard lights ......all 4 are not working
Need help on how to install a sensor for the injector pump
I bought my 1996 Chevy Silverado new in February of 1996. It has the 5.0 liter engine in it. 215,000 miles on it now and the engine still run great. Had to replace the intake manifold gasket at 187,000 miles. Made several trips to the west coast, golf coast and east coast. Other than the one problem, that's it. Going for 300,000 or 25 years whichever comes first. Then we will go from there.
My truck has a short Running the battery down I have unhook the alternator Radio & computer that didn't help any I changed the battery. Bought a new one If nyou leve it hook up it mwill discharge in a week sometimes two weeks
This truck is over all a good looking clean truck.
This truck was bought in 2002. It was owned by a lady and just traded in. There has been no trouble with this vehicle at all and it still looks like new. Besides regular maintanence, and a brake change now with ABS speed sensors going out on it, I really hope this truck lasts a long, long, time. The interior is plush and comfy,the dashboard and controls are easily reached and its roomy.Yep, no problems here and the exterior has held out so well it still looks new
i have a 95 chevy 1500 the fuel gauge is bouncing up and down, and also when try to shift into 4wd it grinds already changed the front acuator any suggestions on a fix?
The driver side door will not close tight use to have to slam it really hard. now it wont close tight no matter what. How can this problem be solved.
My dad has a 96 Chevy 1500 Silverado 4X4 with a 350 Vortec stepside pick up, He bought it new at a Sheriff sale when they orderd new equipment to replace the older trucks. Then a cut back less officers so he bought one of those With out the lights. Gave $12,000 less than a Chevy dealer.
These trucks are Awesome This truck I guess has a super chip in it or something. He has used this truck for everything from pulling people out of a ditch or it is seen on u tube where he drove out in the lake to retreve a Dodge 4X4 that was hung up in the mud and sand where a drunk guy missed the road. This was a sight to see. As well as a trip in Colorado going places where no one could make it. Then for fun when someone would say how great their newer truck they have and it was tougher than his. He would do the Chain test where they would tie a chain on both and see who could drag the other. Again on U tube where he drug a 2010 dodge diesel 4X4 a block and pulling it hard enough where its front wheels came off the blacktop.
This was done when it had 790,000 miles on it. he changes the oil and all filters when it needs it, uses the same Quakerstate 5 30 Besides a tune up every year the only thing he had to replace was a water pump and 4 fuel pumps and Last month with almost a million miles on it, he rebuilt a new motor himself. And installed it. It is still the same it can do everything as it always could
Last year he decided to rebuild a nother motor for it and done this his self. He is good at it. And you know This is the only truck that I have ever seen smoke all four wheels taking off. Never seen it before.
This week he is going to go buy another one at the same place he bought this one. And he will not sell it to me. It still looks like it is brand New truck not a scratch or dent on it. inside or out.
They say Fords are Tough Naha Chevys are tough Ford the only thing tough is the ride you get out of it and having them in the shop all the time Tough on the Wallet.

I love mi truck but i need to repair the radio
Good work truck. 4 wheel drive has been dependable.
I own a 96 Chevy k1500 4X4 with the 5.0 305 it runs good and has awesome four-wheel drive everything still woks will for having 212,000 miles on it . I have had a few minor problems here and there like braking a door handle or the windshield wipers sometime's freeze up while using them or sometimes will only work on high Other than that its bben a great pickup gets decent mileage 15-16 driving around town Highway it was getting 19 and 20 .
I have just bought a 1990 Black chevy Silverado 1500 with just under 100,000. I was very Blessed to have bought it from the Original owner who had all the paperwork of when he changed the plugs and the oil, filters you name it and he had it in the folder. The truck is very clean. Did have to put new exhaust and Added a nice Dixie Air Horn to top things off. Right now I am worried about the A/C system.
This has been a fair truck. I am 2nd owner,all scheduled maint. has been performed. I bought with 40,000 mi. and now has 153,000. It only broke down once,due to fuel pump, which I have now r/r twice, not cheap. Inside door handle has broken 3 times,twice on dr. side once on other. A/c system has new compressor, but now needs hi-side valve. This truck has been on synthetic fluids since new, I am looking forward to seeing how long it lasts. The 4w/d system works fine, and before living in Florida, I lived on the OBX,and drove this truck on the beach on a daily basis.
I just purchased my 94' Chevy k1500 just over a year ago. The only thing i've had to do to it so far was a new alternator. My truck has 192,000 miles on the stock engine and trans, and they are both performing phenomenal still. Gas mileage isn't terrible, especially with a 5.7 under the hood. The suspension is stiff to a point where it doesn't squat easily, but is still comfortable to ride around with an empty bed. Living in Michigan, weather hits hard in winter, and the rust is normally pretty bad, but my truck isn't taking it to hard. As, I went all winter without engaging 4wd, if that says anything.
i love my truck i have 95 Mark3 with 235,000 miles on it i have replaced the water pump,and have had to replace the driver door handle,i do have the rattle in the tranny at idle but i hear if you replace the fly wheel it helps so next clutch replacement i will change it
The very best truck I have ever owned, all power, all torque, could not get stuck, could not break. Love this truck.
truck is in good shape motor is strong.Interior like new.I have one problem with the brakes.At speeds above 35 the brake light comes on even though the brakes have not been touched.Replaced thr speed/ abs senor on the trans but no change.I can lock up the rear brakes (puppy ran out in front of me). Any help before spending lots of money on this would be helpful.
I have a 1998 with a 350. It has a 3 inch body lift and 33" tires. She is a beauty. I love this truck, I bought it at 263,000 miles. It had a pretty good transmission leak, and had a miss in second gear. I promptly wrecked it about 5 months later and it was down for about a year. I had the frame straightened, replaced the hood and driver's side front quarter panel. The shocks are very stiff had almost no give when we wrecked, very hard on the back. But the wreck fixed whatever was wrong with the transmission, no more miss and just ever so tiny of a leak. I will never part with this truck. We have a fund we are saving for when the motor and transmission go out. This truck is my baby.
Truck has had nothing but tlc. WORST vehicle ive ever seen.
The gas engine is reliable with regular use of injector cleaner. I am writing though about the 6.5L Turbo Diesel Engine. If you don't already know stay way from this one. The block is weak as well as the crankshaft. I have been through two engines in less than 250000 km's and that is with constant babying. If yours goes look to replace with a titan 6.5 L, a beefed up version that has upgrades to strengthen the bad areas. 6.5 L problems range from the injector pump itself to the little black box on the injector pump (you'll know it's bad when you stall out often and are able to restart a few minutes later to only have it happen again). The stalling problem can be cured by moving the PMD (the little black box) to a cool area of the vehicle i.e behind the front bumper. I'd keep a PMd in the glove box for fun though. Be very careful that the pulley and harmonic balancer are in new condition. They are located on the main shaft at the front of the vehicle under the fan. If they are in bad condition you will damage your engine immediately. I lost my crankshaft two weeks ago because the rubber on the balancer gave way without the slightest warning, Instant engine death. The starters on the 6.5L are not reliable be prepared to change one every 18 months and every 12 months with the glow plugs. Chevy's Pitman and Idler arms are poorly designed on these units. May as well keep one of each in the glove compartment because you'll be changing these often to keep the front end in good condition. If you can keep it running the ride is nice like a luxury car. Make sure to service the ATF fluid and filter once a year to keep the transmission in good condition.
original owner had one recall and one warranty part which dealership of purchase handled without fail no complaints overall just want to find the reason for clanging sound when excellerating
We are the original owners. Other than one recall item and one warranty replacement item, truck has been a jewel. We are about to hit the 80k mark on the odometer and have only had to replace the front disc brake pads and the idler arm - not counting the regular maintenance items. Plan on having this truck until death do us part.