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I have changed the thermostat. Changed the coolant temperature sensor and the harmonic balancer . I have also opened up the pressure release valve on the intake hose for the radiator hose a bunch of air came out but that did not ease the problem. I drove it for maybe a 1/2 mile and he gauge started rising and went past the red zone. My hot coolant temp light came on. Im not sure what would cause this but i know the cooling system isnt working like it should. any suggestions?
This is an intermittent problem. While Im driving it suddenly the instrument panel cluster indicators all drop to their lowest points then the message center starts flashing low fuel, security, battery. Also the odometer freezes. Then a little later or the next day, it suddenly all comes back on and working normally. It has been doing this off and on for a few months now.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? nothing
How long have you had this problem? a few months
The fuel gauge and the temp gauge is not moving or working
Why is my windshield wipers stuck up when I turn them off
I have not had 1 problem with it shifting hard or any signs there was a problem with it. Acted like it was out of gas but motor would rev so I pulled over and turned it off. It started right back up but would not move in drive or reverse. This is my first vehicle... UUGG
And the needle still bounces what else can I check
shifted to reverse to get out of parking space when i shifted to drive i had no gear ,handle limp
When switching from reverse to drive the handle is just moving up and down as if it is broken or out of place.
How to fix my radio.w
I am working on a Chevy Venture with intermittent coolant gauge. Complaint was no coolant gauge operation, and cooling fans were not kicking on. I unplugged the ECT connector to verify if the fans were bad. They ran perfectly fine. However, as soon as the ECT is plugged in again, they shut off. I replaced ECT with a known good sensor to test if the sensor was bad. It still did the same thing. So is it the connector/wires, ECM, or my luck?
the bar brake light still works. I checked the fuses
Whe i was driving. A loud pop sound followed by air leaking. Fivured i popped my tire. But none where flat
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