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On the control panel a warning light has came on the says "AWD Disabled". The Van in on its was to California the came on so they have called me for help, they are stuck in a roadside rest stop.
Is there a way that I can change out my rear spark plugs without having to go to a mech? I did the front 3 with no problem, but the back 3 ? I cant even see where the wires go back there?
If this is something that I should have someone else do? how much should I be expecting to pay?
I was just told from emissions that I have to complete a drive cycle in oder for my car to pass, what is the drive cycle for this car?
my gas gauge doesn't work, how should i go about fixing, do i need to replace the entire fuel pump as someone suggested?
My ABS light wont go off, just had the front pads replaced & mechanic said the brake line is corrided - is there a recall for this? Is this normal? I only have 37,000 miles on it. Would the manufacter warranty still cover this & most importantly, is this dangerous to drive & costly to fix?
My battery died on my and I can't get to it to change it out. Does anybody know the proper tools or have a schematic of the engine?
How do I change the transmission filter in my 2003 chevy venture van?
How hard is it to change front wheel hub/bearing?
When I apply the brake after starting the car I tried to shift out of park but it feels like the lever is not catching on something and the gears don't shift. The lever moves freely from park all the way down to all positions but the indicator light says it still at park. What could it possibly be as it happened suddenly the next day after I used the van. Tranny has no problem then this.
Need info on how to pull the oil pan down and replace the oil pump. Where is the oil pump located? Is it in the pan as I have heard it may be external.
This afternoon while driving a load of kids to jazzercise my side airbags deployed for no apparent reason. We weren't even moving at the time of deployment; I was stopped at a stop sign. My son was in the passenger seat and sustained a burn on his arm as did I on my hand.
Has there been any other issues of random deployment of an airbag on the ventures? My venture was new in 2003...and we LOVE it. Am missing it while it's at the dealership! Any ideas? thanks!
how do we adjust the rear whipper is not hitting the window right?
I'm replacing the intake gaskets and when I have to put the push rods back is there a best way to torque the rockers? I have an inch pound wrench. Do you just tighten them up or do you have to turn the engine over? I'm a little unsure of this part. Thanks
need a shift fork repair.
I'm still trying to get this right. I was wondering if it was a good idea to use a gaket sealer when replacing these gaskets, like form a gasket or rtv? Also if the aluminum is pitted should that be filled with a sealer? thanks for your help!
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