2003 Chevrolet Venture Questions

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how difficult is it to chane front & rear plugs.
temp gauge goes up and down. cooling fans go on. how hard is it to remove thermastat on this van without taking half tha engine apart.
my rear shock getting weak
Engine ran rough. Had plugs and wires replaced. Service said to replace thermostat so that was done. Once replaced could not get air purged. Engine overheats. Now engine runs great, but will over heat.
Replaced the motor and did the relearn procedure and they are still not moving when i change the mode setting.
2003 chevy venture with 124,000 miles that had a water pump replaced and tuneup. Number one plug broke off in the head and the shop had to drop everything down drive train, etc to get it out. The fuel gauge was staying on 3/4 to full all the time, also. I got it back, it started overheating almost immediately. Was told that the mechanic forgot to fill both the radiator and reservoir. Took it back in, Radiator was flushed and bled, thermostat replaced, manifold gaskets new, new distribution block and burned wires replaced. Still goes into the red and shuts down engine after about five to ten minutes of driving. shop says the only thing they can figure is the block is cracked. I'm ready to give up! Any ideas?
When I bought my van from the car lot it ran good untilm the next day and the motor blew up. The car lot put a nother motor in it. Now when I start my van the low engion oil level light comes on until I pull out. Then it goes off. Is this normal? Didnt notice it with the first motor and the oil is always clean and full when I check it. Also the check engion light has been on since since before they changed motors.
Does recall 02v222000/air bag sensor apply to this vehicle?
I don't think it needs an alignment. Please help
I am thinking maybe the park-neutral switch has failed, but do not know were to find it. I would like to know where the switch is located
On the bulb the plastic melts to where the wire no longer makes contact. I have used bulb grease but it still melts the plastic on a 3057 bulb.
Windshield washer stopped pumping. Tank is full. Is there a fuse or could it be a pump motor failure. Rear wiper also stuck half way up.
Have a leak in front of vehicle.
a/c comes on only blows hot air. my temperture reads half in the guage of cool & hot. engine running poorly. but all fluids are still in radiatar. but when cooled down & you take cap of radiator fluid comes pooring out.
the guage only reads half way hot. but you can smell it when you turn off engine. when driving does not want to shift.
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