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now the dash tells me security the car wont turn over or anything,if l bypass the starter and manually start it it will only run for about three seconds then shut down. [ have tried all the relearn proceadures with no luck. the light on top of the dash is not on or flashing any ideas at all would be greatly appreassiated
How much would it cost to replace both wheel bearing hub on fwd Chevrolet venture van
Cold or hot (use to be just a cold problem ) When you try to start the van it just cranks and cranks to the point i think im going to burn out my starter ,so i stop and try again on the second or third try it will start and run fine. no power loss no stalls . runs great when it feels like starting .
The van will not shift into park or any other gear. It shifted fine going and coming back just when I went to put it into park.
I had a diagnostic run, and they said that my head gaskets are blown (but I have not oil leak nor water in the oil), cylinders 1,3,&5 are misfiring and the others are intermittent, the water pump was going bad, and there is a leak in the block (possibly just because the water pump is bad). Water pump did go, and I had it towed home. We replaced the water pump, and then started to flush the radiator and put stop leak in it. While running the car for about 5 minutes after putting in the flush solution, we revved the car just a little to help get the flush moving through the system and all of a sudden the engine started making a horrible loud knocking sound. We of course immediately shut it off, but now I am scared to turn it back on. Is the van done for?
Changed it all and had someone double check all wires and plugs to make sure everything was pluged back in. Put key in ignition and the lights come on and the bells ding and i hear the gas kick in but when i go to turn the key over, NOTHING. Can anyone give my any ideas? Need help ASAP.
engine wont start, tested battery,alternator and starter all good clean tight connection. in the dash on the shifter display the park and neutral light don t come on all others D 123 aal work. i think its the park neutral switch is not working does anyone know where i can find it?
worse when outside temp is high and engine temp is a little high
the gear shifter moves up and down loosely, yet it wont shift out of neutral. could it be the line or is it the tranny it self?
Now my car is vibrating and acting like its going to die when I stop at red lights or drive thrus and the mechanic says its nothing they did. What could be wrong?
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