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I have a 2003 Chevy Venture my fuel gauge has stopped working it's reading empty how can I fix it

How long have you had this problem? Week
I even return my former gear and asked gear master to fix it. The gear master changed the fibre body but still the drive is not selecting.The gear master diagnose the gear and changed some sensors but it was still the same. Pls help
while driving the engine overheats.The cooling fans are working.This problem started last night.

it's leaking fluids
Ive replaced all i can think of put 800 into it and still have the banging and shaking and its getting worse everyday acts like something is loose in the axle
Transmission slips changing gears between 1-2, 2-3 or seems to not have enough pressure built up but will change gears when I let off the gas. Did have to much fluid in it when I received it. Drained down to correct level and added 1/2 can transtune but not new fluid. If it is the pressure switches how much trouble to get to them to change out. Only $22 buck each so not expensive. More concerned about the amount of labor or complexity to get tot he switches. I have taken apart engines but never gone inside the trans. Any special tools required? Don't really have the funds to pay anyone to do the work as out of work right now.
Repairs done so far
Intake Manifold Gasket done 1 year ago
Plugs and wires
Fuel Filter
Crankshaft Positioning Sensor Both of them
Air Filter
Cleaned IAC til it looked brand new
Replaced the Wiring Harness for Cam Shaft Sensor
It's stalling dead saying service traction system, low fuel, battery light, security. We are completely confused and so is our mechanic. Please Help!!
when i change gear it feels like its broke and it wont change into gear
I just bought the van for 500$ and it has over 150000 miles what what is the first thing I should do I don't have money to pay someone to fix it Im gonna do it myself. Also get codes p0141 & b1s2
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