2002 Chevrolet Venture Questions

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Well today I tried to put my van into drive and it will not move why would it not move all it does is Rev
Since a week having two major issue
1) Make lot of noise before break

2) Cannot take the reverse, or make a lot of noise while trying to reverse Van.
Runs rough at idle sometimes. Getting from 45-60 hesitation. Then flashes engine light 93 times. If there's a pause in between I cannt see it. Changed the fuel cap. Now ??????
I guess gas ran out I pushed it home put gas in it now doesn't start?
Why would it stay on now
Has lights radio everything just wont crank when its cold outside
I want to change my engine what replace engine can I put
Had the motor replaced and its fine but now it takes reverse fine but when put in drive it dies. You can drop it in low and it will move but not strong and if you change it manually again it dies. Please can any one help?
My Secondary Air, Catalyst and EVAP are not ready how to I turn them on?
This is the second one I am replacing on this van. 208k miles. I understand there is a TSB that shows how to fix permanently. Anyone have the TSB or know where I can get it?
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