1998 Chevrolet Venture Questions

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the three snaps that hold the motor in place are broke off.
I need to know what its called, so I can order a new one.
it never over heated,Got it home as gauge went to normal. water fine still varies when parked and being checked.
When I suddenly stop, the brakes give out.
When I suddenly stop, their don't brake, it keeps moving.
Or component for it.
The gear indicator was dead on at before something broke
knocking noise in rear brakes when compressed
In front too? I have never had to change the plugs on this vehicle before.
It over heats and I can smell it
I was told it might be anti frezze a hose or temperture gage.
I changed the heat sensor now the temperature hand moves from cold to hot I had the radiator reworked ,i flushed out the heater core and I changed the thermostat please tell me what's wrong
we have replaced the battery and fuel pump but it still quits sputters and misses. It happens when it gets up to running temperature.
I've replaced alternator which tested bad, new battery, checked connectors on battery and alternator but the engine dies after the battery discharges. This is a 140 amp alternator as there are rear AC controls
The gas seems to be coming out directly from under the gas tank... not to mention my van is rusted on the bottom.. and ive also been having trouble with turning my steering wheel while driving , and before anyone geuss power steering flued its fine on that .. when i am driving ill turn the steering wheel and it makes a thumping noise as like my front end is gone to fall out ! what could this be? ... right now im more concerned about the gas leaking it only happends when im getting gas
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