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It just came on for the first time, what does it nean
Will crank again run fine and may do the same thing
Every time I brake and it's like the brakes are giving out , I'm a little bit nervous with this I don't have much money
Need to manually roll up and down temporary
But still won't stay on what am I supposed to do cause it starts but don't stay on
Code 1655 check engig light came on
Is there more then one throttle possion sensore on the van
My engine whines at start up and while driving I was told it was a idler pulley but was not shown which one was the idler pulley
My Van takes off like a bus after 20 mins of driving if I come to a complete stop. If I start it up, 2 mins put it in Drive, she takes off. 20 mins later.... If I come to a complete stop and press the gas, she has no power. I can floor the accelerator and she will take her time getting speed from 0-20. The engine doesnt even rev up hard.

Once I get pass 20/25 mph she picks up speed quicker.

I think its the Solenoid, but Im not 100% sure. It might be something cloge, Low voltage in the wires or something closed thats not giving me power in the low gears.

( I notice I can take off quicker in reverse at all times anytimes in drive (;-<) )

Can Ya Help Me?
I have replaced the sensor.
Whatcan be theproblem.
One big thing I noticed about my van has been the steering wheel I guess you might say is crooked for its starting position. I had to learn how to drive with it this way. Whenever I would creep up into the higher speeds I would have to hold my steering wheel crooked just to keep it going straight. It is also hard for me to make wide turns. The steering wheel feels extremely lose. I have had my tires, rotated, etc. Also had the alignment checked as well. All is fine. I have been told I may be missing a part or something.
If I am missing a part, which one? Is there anything else that could be causing this problem?
Ever since I got my 97 Chevy Venture van I have had a problem with it overheating. First we had a leak, caused by a broken coolant cap. We fixed that and then the problem seemed to go away. Now, it is back and it is worse than it was. Most of the time when I have to drive a long distance my car is fine, until I get off the highway and I have to sit at stop lights. It creeps into the red and does not get out of the red until I start moving again. This I was used to. When ever I would see it staying in the red I would pull over and add coolant. Now, I have gone thru about $200 in coolant. This would fix the problem, but, now it is not working. Now, when it overheats I check the coolant and it is full. Could it be a clog, do I need to switch out the thermostat? Would flushing the system, possibly fix this problem, or could it be something worse?
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