2006 Chevrolet Uplander Questions

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My tanks full reads only 3/4 full turn van off and back on then it reads full for a little while.I drive 3hrs and barely moves what's wrong and how much do you think this will cost me or could I fix this my self.
the message center indicates that the Batt. tender is working on, after our son changed the battery in it. I've performed the raise the cable off of the post while running to see if it would stall, letting me know that it was definitely an electrical issue, but i'm just not certain which circuit to troubleshoot/
It doesn't shift hard all the time intermittent hard shift
Gear position indicator will not illuminate in park or reverse. Illuminates in all other gears. Will not start in park, but will start in neutral.

What are the potential issues causing this?
Repair costs?
You can turn the fan off and it stays on it won't switch from defogger to anywhere
When I start my van the brakes go to the floor and can not get the shifter to go in reverse it is locked. If I turn van off and pump up brakes they pump up and sometimes releases something so I can shift into reverse. Anybody know what to do to fix this problem or what it is.
My mom's 06 uplander keeps blowing the radio fuse. Since this started the radio has been replaced with an aftermarket model and the problem persists but usually only when it is hot outside.

Started van, pulled out in road and it died like it just ran out of gas. Now when u try and start it, it wont. It sounds like u are trying to start a car thats out of gas. Plenty og gas btw. It never did this before. No warning that something was going out. Just started like normal and about 2 minutes later it died on me. I have always had to pump gas once when starting. Im not sure if the fuel filter or fuel pump or what.
dont stall now.but shifts hard 1st and 2 gear gets better gas mileage.any ciue ,,manifold pressure sensor???...
van will not start unless i mash the gas and i would also like to no how to change the canister vent solenoid
i had an emission test and fell
diagnostic code came up P0449
i have already replaced the evap cylinoid

Drives ok on highway, but shakes and surges at stops. Have to stand on brake to stop
I tried to put it in rear or drive but the shifter seems to be loose and goes up and
Down like is broken or something.
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