2006 Chevrolet Uplander Questions

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The car shits smooth and normal most times. Acts like it is low on fluid, it is not. On hard corners or bumps it drops out of gear like it is in neutral. Always between 1st and 2nd. The engine works fine and no warning lights are on. Just drops out of the gear is all. Other than that it works fine. It gets worse as it gets warmed up. Also it takes about 20 seconds to pump up when first started for the day. Thank you Mark
I replaced all motor and transmission mounts, rack and pinion and mist frint end parts. Someone said it was the part of transmission that actually moves the rear end i need new trans or have that part rebuilt?
all my lights are on my dash and acroos the message system says to service all my brake and traction items i checked the AMD 10 amp fuse and it sblown and as soon as i start the car it blows the new one i put in as well
problem starts when van is started . A high whining that gets higher as I go faster.I hear what sounds like metal rubbing together,but no one else hears it . Power steering is ok,and just had racket pinion changed . if it idles to long it shifts hard ,but I turn it off for a couple minutes and start it again and it shifts fine .. C
the large belt on the left when looking at the engine is splitting and hitting the hood I think it is going to break do i have time and what belt is it and do you know a quess of the price to replace
Really, happened all at once. Will only move in reverse. Heard it could be something electrical?
Lights ondashboard wont go on. Battery full change ecm.starter alternatir good. What is wrong?
What tools do i need to replace thermostat? What needs to come off to get the thermostat housing off.
i have a 2006 chevy uplander it wont start the key turns but it wont start, I changed the ignition and it still wont start, I also changed the starter and it will not start what could it be
Van keep's over heating and just before it over heat's it loose's it heat.It keep's getting air somewhere.Flushed it,new water pump,2 new Thermostat's,and also replaced lower intake manifold.The only thing not replaced Head's and gasket's.And not once is it leaking fluid in oil or out exaust. Raditator stay's full.
car acts like the tranny doesnt want to shift and has barely any power when pushing gas almost to the floor when taking off from a stop
Check engine light is on no codes but it won't start. Already replaced fuel pump, starter and battery. Any ideas of what it could be?
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