2005 Chevrolet Uplander Questions

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The nut that holds the system together, keeps spinning loose while the motor keeps going and then the arms don't respond...can I weld the arms right to the spline ?
There is no fuse 21 to remove
I have recently got an 05 Chevy up Lander and the back driver side sliding door will not open with power or manually. When the fuse is removed you can hear the motor and if you leave the fuse in and start to drive it, I makes this annoying dinging noise like the door is open. Can anyone help me please. I just at least want to be able to open the door so I don't have to climb and get my kids out.
Van heating up
air condition keeps blowing fuses and I replaced rely?
Beeping noise on my 2005 uplander. Put it in drive and stay beeping. I put it in park and engine still on and beeping stops
Once I put the vehicle in gear, I get a tone , as I'm driving the tone gets higher pitched and faster...can you advise!!!
Thank you, Margaret England
thought it was a bad sensor, replaced
still stays on BUT not all the time
My low oil pressure light came on today. I put oil in the van. I had a oil change two months ago. I recently took a trip I'm 200 miles over for my next oil change will that cause the van to do what it is doing?
Changed every fuse and every light on the van it say servise park light I don't know what to do
the reduced power engine light code comes on information panel and it has no throttle power . what is the problem
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