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It seems to do it when sitting for 15 to 20 min , have had it charged changed the exterior temp sensor? Changed the clutch relay also , the ac control goes on and off ????
What seems to make the problem better or worse? After sitting running
How long have you had this problem? Few weeks
When I turned off car, fan continues to run, I'm assuming to cool vehicle down
The Air started about a week ago. It would kick off and blow hot air. Then you push the contol and it comes back on. If it is hot outside it constantly kicks of and on. When it is cooler out it will work longer.
Air conditioner is blowing out hot air you turn on the knob it blinks 3 x n cut off but it blows out hot air
When turning ac on blinking control knob and no cool air
When I try to turn on my AC, the light flashed 3 times. The manual says this is normal when the temperature is 40 degrees or below but it's warm now and it's still doing the same thing. Help! I'm sweating!
Truck runs fine until you turn on heat/ac control panel . Ac doesn't work but the heat and blower would come on before this new problem started happening
when I start the car on a cold day the motor has to run almost an hour before the heater will start to get warm.
passes all pressure/smoke tests yet keeps coming back on. Get "tighten gas cap" message but had gas cap replaced and always tighten until click - check engine light back on for 5th time. Light always comes on during engine start up, not while driving
It's my engine light that comes on
I can get it lose buy there's not enough room to get the sensor out
When I turn the fan on for the heater, it blows warm air on the driver side and cold air on the passenger side.
set after changing the swith?
My air conditioning won't come on, the light flashes but the air conditioning won't come on. My heat working.
We were traveling yesterday to see my grandfather before he passes away. There is NO CD in the CD player. Says "No disk loade" but will not let us load a disk. Makes a noise (as if a CD is trying to play or spin) even when the stereo AND car are both completely turned off. I'm worried that this is going to kill the battery and also, we had to travel nearly 500 miles to see my grandfather and for the funeral. It would be nice to be able to play cd's, especially in spots where there aren't very good radio stations available.
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