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will not turn over tried jump starting but key got locked in ignition turned wheel key came out put new battery in 18 months ago could it be my starter
I have a 09 traverse one day while driving i smelt a burning smell like melting rubber found out it was a badly burned coil replaced all coils and spark plugs still wont start diagnostic said ecm so replaced ecm at dealer they said starter did starter and crankshaft position senser tries to start but doesnt anyone know what this could be
Im having the same problem now
Why wont my Chevy traverse LTZ won't close or open with the control or the button inside. Only manually
I am a person.
If I pull the lever towards me and hold it they will stay on, if I push the lever forward, the lever locks in but the high beams do not come on
the dash keeps flashing saying the trackstable needs services
What causes misfire to my car?
After replacing an ignition coil?
My vehicle broke down after having the timing chain replaced for the 2nd time in its life. After 50 days in the shop, they just called to tell me it was the catalytic converters and it was going to cost me $2049.64. Aside from being raped on the price and length of time it sat in the shop and I had to beg rides from others, this last Saturday I stopped in and the GM told me it was likely the 2 Catalytic converters and he had them off and being tested. The store manager just called me and said that all 3 had to be replaced and I questioned it being 3 but he was adamant. He is also a liar and a thief so I need to know how many cats there are in my vehicle please.
None additional info necessary at this time.
I can't find where to put my review for Hyatt's. He just worked on my 2009 Traverse. Thank you!
1st the keyless remote and the power door locks won't work, heat/ AC won't come on, outside temp gauge doesn't register, windows won't roll down, plus car will not come out of park. The funny thing is it only happens when it drops below 40 degrees outside. The car will start after it gets around 55-60 degrees.
Check Engine Light is On . Had OnStar Run A Diagnosis And They Said Something About The Exhaust. Really Far Away From Home And Truck Won't Go into Reverse
Has new battery
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