2008 Chevrolet Trailblazer SS Questions

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when stabilatrack is engaged truck wont go .if I turn stabiltrack off it drives fine but sometimes makes grining noise.
No codes for two days then the light came back on
And I have positive to pin2 and ground to pin 6 and pin 5 the test light lights up and off with headlight switch turned on and off but pin 4 the when I put a lead into and attached it to positive on battery the lights do not come on any help where to go from here would be appreciated
you can't hardly here the noise at idle start up if you rev up it gets louder and even louder under load when you drive away.
you can't here it at all after 5 min. drive
the sound is very quiet at idle louder when rev up to 1500 rpm and louder under load when pull out of driveway. I just drove 2.5 hrs. on the highway at 70 mph the noise has not changed i have only owned the ss for 2 months. has made the noise always. the same every time cold start.
the problem is current and constant day or night interior lights work but not instrument cluster light.
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