2007 Chevrolet Trailblazer SS Questions

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The driver seat no longer goes back when you remove key. When you insert Key does not move either. The button works to move it back. Also the seat is loosing air.
It doesn't make any noise like it's going to start or even hesitate to turn over I have power so I was wondering was it the starter or my ignition switch
When I fill up it still says empty. When the car is running the gauge goes to F and E. I've been managing the mileage to not run out of gas. Please assist.
Throws wrong codes. Replaced ignition, MAP sensor, cleaned throttle body, tested starter, battery, fuel pump. Now I'm told possible PCM relay and/or fusesfuses, or wiring harnesses. I can drive approx. 4 mile round trip safely, any further its a one-way trip until next day when it'll crank & I can drive home w/no issues. Oh, and dash looks like Christmas tree. Check Engine, Service Stabilitrak, Brake, Tire Pressure, etc.
Recirculation stuck. Would not cool for one trip home from store, cooling now just blower stuck on high cool. Must pull battery lead to turn off
I lost powere to all interior lights and compounts while the vehicle was on the road a total of 4 times within the last 2 weeks. Also, I recently got one of the vent motors replaced and now when the truck turns on their is a loud clicking noise which lasts for one minute then goes away. Any help would be appreciated.
Are there fuses I should check? Can both head lights go out at the same time?
I installed new original rear springs and need to adjust them. What is the D-height measurement and how do you adjust it? thanks
I had to pull the fuze to stop this .
This happens after driving 60 mph for 30 minutes or longer. There is no adverse power fluctuations.
Car will not fire. Thinking there could be a security porblem. Ignition switch, starter and solomoid has been replaced.
Trouble code P0336 and P0301
Changed crankshaft position sensor cleared the codes still will not crank I am not getting any trouble codes from the attempted start
Battery good
Starter removed tested good reinstalled
Removed CPS and reinstalled still no crank
Changed ignition switch just in case still no crank
Attempt start all power seems to come on I hear click of the solenoid but no crank
Swapped out relay 47 with 60 still no crank

I am running out of ideas any suggestions
I put the car in park but it shows on the dash it's still in drive and continues to roll forward. I placed my foot back on the brake but now the gear is stuck so I put on the emergency brake. I shut the car off and now it won't turn back on. Can I give it a jump start with cables and what should I do about the gear being stuck?
level sensor tell me more
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