2009 Chevrolet Trailblazer Questions

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New light I've never seen. Wrench next to an oil lamp just came on today/ Last week wrench and the stabilitrak light is on. Low tire light comes on everytime after about 20 minutes for last 2 yrs
When I start driving and start accelerating it takes longer then usual to kick in but is fine after it does.
Doesn't matter if it's on low or high AC.Seems like it is coming from only 1 front vent.Previously it would run cold and then just for few sec.warm and back.
2009 chevy trailblazer the headlights turn off intermittently and it is becoming more frequent. Tonight it did it three times for at least five minutes each time.
I have had to call towing twice. Chevy dealer has no idea what it is. They fixed something last week but I have been stranded twice since!! It is sitting at the dealer right now! It will suddenly let loose then a day later it freezes again?? Help!!!
Vehicle was making noise , when I opened the hood there was absolutely no power steering fluid. Power steering fluid was applied then as the days went by the noise was reduced. Again the noise came back and sure enough no power steering fluid so more was applied. Then realized there was some sort of leakage. What causes these types of things to occur<
I have a weird problem with my 2009 trailblazer. This problem is sporatic so it is hard to take it in to a shop for testing. When I start my trailblazer (first start of the day), first the idle sounded different than normal. a little bit faster and louder than normal. I put it in drive and it would go but very slowly and the sound of the car was like I had it in neutral and was pressing on the gas. I would think it is something with my transmission the way it would not engage properly but I turned the car off and started it right back up and everything was normal. This has happened about 5 times in the last few weeks. I don't know what could change by turning the car off and back on to make the trailblazer seem fine again.
while was making a left turn at a side road I was T-boned by a bus that was traveling 107 KM per hour, the vehicle was brand new with only about 1500 miles, all 6 air bags failed to deploy, can some one help please?
daily. someone told me that this is getting stuck and not shifting therefore the constant clicking sound. Like the sound on bike spokes that have a card attached and to make the clicking sound as the spokes pass it. NO lights coming on showing engine problems. But when I either step on the gas or let go it the rpm gauge doesn't move up or down
how to replace the signal from control panel and places to install the sensors
I'm driving a Captiva 3.2 LTZ V6 2009 model, the emission system warning light stays on even when the car is running. Sometimes the light comes off and only to come on later.
I have a chevrolet captiva 2009 2.0, and a warning light started to flash yesterday. It is in the same cluster as the parking brake, glow plug, & tailgate open. It has the same coil symbol as the glowplug but with dots underneath it. I cannot find anywhere what this means. I have driven my car today, and after 2 miles the light went off.
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