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When the ac is working you can see the cold air coming from the vents then after about 30 minuets it stops almost like something is blocking it.
The abs light along with a wrench symbol is periodically on my instrument panel . Does this mean that it needs maintenance or is it simply a reminder to get it checked??
Ran out of gas out two gallons and it will not start do I need too put more gallons in order for it too crank
Ac and temp gauge spuratically quits working at same time
When temperature gauge doesnt rise, AC also doesnt work
Three mechanics have look at the truck. Two of them thought the compressor clutch was getting weak. I took it to the third shop and they replaced a perfectly good compressor and the pressure switch. The AC will work for days sometimes without having to pull the fuse. Right after we got it out of the shop, my wife had to pull the fuse about 5 miles from our house. The other day she had to pull it twice. Our temps has been in the mid nineties for over two months and pulling the fuse is really getting her pissed off. Please help me sleep at night. Let me add, everytime it has been looked at, the computer says nothing is wrong.
Fuse box under backseat a little wet.
I just had my control arm (drivers side only) changed...still making creeking noise... what else can it be??.. sound is only on drivers side...
The light keeps coming on and off. I am pretty sure it's a loose wire. How much should it cost for repair.
If I restart the vehicle, these lights reset themselves and shut off. It might be weeks or months before they appear again. This started happening when the vehicle had about 35K, now it has 53K
When vehicle is put into drive and gas peddle is stepped on the vehicle bogs down before accelerating. Also when brakes are applied at low speeds the antilock brakes engage and disengage making aweful noises and allowing the vehicle to continue to move.
when key is off fan keeps running and fan will not change to low stays high ac and heat work fine
this happened two weeks ago. car is riding fine. is this a problem, will it pass emissions with this going on?
I have a 2008 Chevrolet Trailblazer LTZ 5.3L V8 140,000 km. Two days ago when I started the car and began driving, I noticed the “Check Gauges” light had come on and the oil pressure gauge needle was exactly at 0. I immediately stopped my car and shut down the engine to check the oil level which was absolutely fine. I wasn’t sure what to do, so I carefully drove to my destination without any problem. There was no engine power issue or any other noise. There was no engine oil warning light or any message like “oil pressure low” on the driver information center. Everything seems to be fine except the “check gauges” light and the oil pressure gauge reading. I have driven more than 300 km since then. What should I do?
what should i do ?
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