2006 Chevrolet Trailblazer Questions

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battery and alternator both replaced belt tight, gets worse if using a/c or heat seems to be idling at 500 to 600 rpm when its messing up, if I gas it to 1100 rpms all goes back to normal . is there any way to turn up idle.
also first thing in the morning it will warm up fine until the choke turns off
Mph then it just revs up and barely goes I have already changed transmission fluid, all shifting solenoids, and the pressure switch manifold on's pulling up 4 codes that are C0455, C0244, U1064, U1026...any help would be greatly appreciate it.
2006 . Doors quit locking and unlocking. And the rear wiper won't work.
If I try to give the truck gas when increasing speed it hesitates before going faster
The alarm system keeps going off lights flashing alarms etc,,, Ive tried everything locking and unlocking with the key, disconnecting battery etc...
A video or step by step with pics would be extremely helpful. Keep failing emissions.
Will the tires rub or have any difficult problems on breaks or driving
Drive side rear running lights works
I heard that speakers are bad but when all of them play they sound good
Seat motor engaging for up and down and lumbar however, not moving forward with on seat controls or on door controls.
Just happened. First time I have had a problem.
Can re-install factory unit,and is it possible this will fix problem?
Son just got 06 chevy trail blazer. Bought new stereo. Once I took out factory unit,tried installing new the security lock came on now truck won't start. Lights come on but nothing else. Csnt afford to take to dealership just trying to help son out.
Intermittent. A good whack on gear shift has worked.
notice door and, window don't work light under dash board don't come on so I couldn't get a diagnosis test, also sound real bad when I crank it. when I remove the key from the ignition the truck kept running, then finally shut off. I think it may be Multi-function switch. need HELP
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