2005 Chevrolet Trailblazer Questions

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I tried putting my vehicle in reverse and the shift gear would not catch no gear I was scared to take my foot off the brake since I was parked. But I did and nothing happen , it would catch in drive as well no gear at all I just set there with the SUV on ready to go but could move it by putting in gear no way back forward nothing
Misfire codes usually caused by fatigue in aluminum head over time. Head constricts around valve, causing valve to stick in open position.

Usually vehicle seems to run well on cold start but develops miss when engine gets to operating temperature.

GM fix is to replace head with updated design. $1067.00 retail plus 12 hours labor get you into the $2000 repair range and then the tight upper end could potentially cause oil consumption by way of forcing oil past rings.

The sticky valve will throw a misfire code after a while. GM has a tech advisory on this.
The engine revs high then low then high then low. Sometimes it's so low it stalls out. There was a thick goo on the oil dip stick so I changed the oil. It also seems like the fan is running high constantly. I had a code for #5 cylinder and I replaced that. I need to run the reader again to see if that code is still there. I want to fix it myself if it's not to complicated.
we have a 2005 chevy trailblazer and we are getting ready to replace the 2nd exhaust manifold in 2 years. what is causing it to crack?!
Used the 4wd low when we had ice storm. Will not go back to any other setting
Sometimes it will start and when I turn it off, won't start again. Or some days will start fine and other days won't start at all. I have had numerous mechanics replace many parts and scratch their heads, because no one can figure out why it's doing this. Also had computer diagnostics done. Still does it. What to do now?
some one i need fan wirenig diagram
trying to change oil but can not find filter
My nephew put a new radio in, when he was finished, I had no headlights, the ac didn't blow out air and some other lights did not work as in the radio and inside lights.
Cannot tell how much fuel in tank
Battery died yesterday. Put new battery in today. Blazer will not start everything seems to be working except it will not start. The passlock system flashes three or four times then stays on steady. Have been told that I need to reset the passlock since I had no power for so long.
just replaced the throttle body on my car but the transmission light is still on, how do I reset it?
My speedometer stop working and plug a little computer and now I have a code c0055 vehicle speed sensor circuit..and I need to know where is located this sensor
The transmission lines are corroded/rusted so all lines including the cooler lines from the transmission to the radiator need to be replaced.

Is there an easy way to get to these lines without dropping the transmission?
I need to know where is located the vehicle speed sensor circuit
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