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This morning on my way to work in ICY conditions...I slid off of the road into a ditch. I was on a rural road so I just put the truck in "D" and gunned my truck and got myself out of the ditch. After driving about 3-4 more miles, I noticed that my temp gauge was going up and it went all the way to HOT. I pulled in a gas station and let it sit for a few. I went inside and bought 50/50 Antifreeze and as fast as I was pouring it in, it was running out from near the bottom of the motor. It was definitely not a hose or didn't seem to be and definitely not the radiator. The Truck has 220K miles on it so I drive it soft but I wonder if i did something when I gunned it this morning to get out of the ditch. ANY help would be appreciated.

Is there wheel bearings in the rear wheels

It's sound almost like when a wheel bearing assembly is going out but when you cut it deep either way it still makes the noise. Any ideas? Also have code saying sensor is bad for ABS on the right side,plus light is on in dash for ABS. Is it possible that wheel bearing could be bad or possibly both front wheel bearings since noise doesn't subside no matter which direction you cut it? I've also heard possible differential going out. Any info is greatly appreciated.

when operating power windows the elec gauge goes below 14

removed key and Rear AC still runs on high. Removed #13 green 30 fuse and front AC motor runs but control for vents only runs air to side of dash towards door windows. while driving the engine bogging down and killed when slowing down turning left. engine did restart. NO check engine light for diagnostic tsting

have replaced blower motor and control panel still keeps going out the third prong in the resistor connector

i have replaced blower motor and control panel and still burns out have replaced resistor 6 times so far.

Center nut that holds hub assembly on my 2005 chev trailblazer ext

I have changes the thermost and temp sensor. It fixed it for a couple of days and then it started reading that it was hot. I checked the fluid level and it is full.