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When cruising at approximately 45 MPH, the car seems to have a miss but I think what it's actually doing is continuously shifting in and out of overdrive. Coasting or applying more gas and the problem is not noticeable.
No other lights are on, gauges work fine, its confusing
My car is stuck in park and I can't get it to move. Is there a release button somewhere
we owned our vehicle for 3 hours before a lady mashed the front end of it. The guy that towed it said that he was sure this vehicle had frame damage and to make sure they check it. So, when the adjuster looked at it, he stated that the hood was too mashed for him to even get it open and he couldn't crawl under the vehicle, so he said that the body shop would check the frame. Well, the body shop has tried to make the front end of my car line up and it will not. I have had it back to them 7 times and he finally said that he didn't know what the problem was. I asked him if he checked the frame and he said, "No" but that he could tell by looking at it that the frame was fine. He said that he didn't own a frame machine to put it on and check, so I contacted the 3rd party insurance who is having to pay for this, and they sent the adjuster back out. The adjuster said that it was a horrible job as far as the repairs go, so I asked him if the frame could be damaged and he said the body shop should have checked that. I told him that they didn't but tried to put it back together anyway. He crawled under the car and then said well I don't see any frame damage, so that's all we can do about it, even though my car will not stay together, literally, and everything is uneven in the front, the bumper has ripples all in it, like its just jammed in there, there is a 2 inch gap under one headlight, and only 3/4 inch gap under the other one. I keep telling them to check the frame and they say that they can tell by looking that the frame is ok. I think because they paid this body shop to fix the car, they are afraid there is going to be frame damage and they refuse to have it checked, but someone said that if there was something called core support damage, then 99% of the time there is frame damage, and the core was mashed and had to be completely replaced, what do you think about this? Thank you
transmission does not engage, the engine revs in every gear like its in neutral ???
you can rev the motor in every gear like its in neutral, the cable is not broken
and if you turn on the brights the car dies. the grounds on all the lights on that side are hot. cant find the source of my problems can you help me?
My gear shifter is stuck in park but on my car is actually in reverse and that is what it says on the instrument panel. How do I fix this problem?
Drivers side door lock along with the passengers side door lock have same issue put the key in and it won't turn. Bought the truck used it did not come with keyless entry but the power locks do work. So what exactly needs to be replaced?
Trailblazer not to start?
The gauges will be well beyond the full side and they will just point directly down. Once the gas is low, the gas light will come on, but the gauge doesn't necessarily always respond.
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