2005 Chevrolet Trailblazer Questions

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My gear shifter is stuck in park but on my car is actually in reverse and that is what it says on the instrument panel. How do I fix this problem?

Drivers side door lock along with the passengers side door lock have same issue put the key in and it won't turn. Bought the truck used it did not come with keyless entry but the power locks do work. So what exactly needs to be replaced?

Trailblazer not to start?

The gauges will be well beyond the full side and they will just point directly down. Once the gas is low, the gas light will come on, but the gauge doesn't necessarily always respond.

Fuses good turn signals good hazard good the lower brake light didn't work 3rd brake light did replaced bulbs and lower brake light work but 3rd brake light doesn't work now

power steering seems to function fine when turning to the left, but steering to the right is very hard. I tried left-right-left-right turning with the vehicle in 1st gear to keep the RPMs up. This had no affect on the steering.

When I'm driving over 45 mph the rpms start jumping up and down while the rpms are at 2k and during that time the truck starts to stutter , some times it doesnt stutter while driving.

Cruise control and air conditioner actuators quit at the same time, what could my issue be? I have replaced the turn signal and the brake switch and have also checked all fuses in the fuse box under the hood and under the seat all are fine. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The sooner the better please as I would like to have this fixed before summer gets into full swing.

The Trailblazer's battery dies when it isn't started for a day or two.when it doesn't turn over & the key is shut off ,there is a sound in the area of the CD player. Sounds like it's trying to release a CD. We bought the Trailblazer about 6 months ago & never put a CD in the player. The Trailblazer also came with a CM2000 Corrosion Module. could a malfuncution in this unit cause the battery to die?