2005 Chevrolet Trailblazer Questions

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blower resistor for heater fn
shift cable will not go in park in n can turn key but all power goes out a litter click under hood then nothing
It obviiusly stopped shifting in neutral. Someone went under the car to manually shit it in order for me to move the vehicle out of the location in which it broke down at. There was no noise. Please help. I figure I need a cable and bushing set. I also need labor pricings and installment suggestions.
i was told that there was in fact a recall on the problem, but i don't know for sure. its a 2005 chevy trailblazer xlt
How long have you had this problem? a few months
Everything worked fine yesterday now nothing is working it will start but auto headlights not working no radio no air conditioner or heater windows won't work and remote lock won't work
Noise goes up and down all the time
When driving the rear wheels lockup. A loud popping noise is heard. Rear wheels are then not spinning but being dragged. The problem occurred twice in 2016. The vehicle is parked not in use.
I cannot find where the seat back opens to where I could change the seat belt so I'm not sure if I can change the belt or if I have to change the whole seat back.
Can I drive 2005 trailblazer without worring if airbag will go off if there is a recall on them ?
Once it is started it runs fine. It did not act funny driving but when I turn it off it wont start.
Front blower will not work, It gets stock in park and will no shift
I have an 05 Trailblazer 4.2 I6. recently my antitheft has been locking me out inconsistently for always different amounts of time. i have read alot on passlock issues and followed a similar article in how to diagnose my passlock sensor. upon doing these tests though i recieved different results and am unsure as to what they may indicate. when i tested my Red/White to Orange/Black i got 13.3v at IGN0,IGN1,&CRANK. the Yellow to Orange/Black read 4.3V in all positions. this was while the vehicle was running. when it did the no start R/W to O/B read 12.1v in all positions, and Y to O/B read 4.2. from what i understand the yellow is supposed to dorp to an unknow value upon IGN1&CRANK. not sure what it indicates, any help would be great.
There is nothing in third gear when shifted manually. Also the speedometer is not working. The shop thinks it is an electrical issue. I need some help, I have to have this vehicle for our business!!
what all should be done
I never know how much gas I have left, gas level does not work. Also I do not know how fast I'm going because my speed sensor does not work.
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