2002 Chevrolet Tracker Questions

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Sounds like its grinding in the back of truck. Going fast on highway is worse sounds like no break pad in back of truck
recently my 2002 Tracker I can feel resistance when slowing down to turn right? The steering feels very loose and left ball joint was just replaced.
how does rear hatch open, i have all 4 doors unlocked , does that help ???
smell gas after filling up, no leak on the ground, a mechnic told me it could be an electronic switch, visible in front of the gas tank,( I'm far from convinced it is the problem) I dont not want to remove the gas tank, too scared of the cost involved. What do you think,.. rusted on top? neck that goes to gas tank? Let me know what you think , tks
The bottom of the grill has notches where retainers fit in. On the drivers side the notch is facing the opposite way as the rest. What is the easiest way to get all this to align so nothing gets broken?
If left in park,turn,signals,ok
There wasn't any fluid. Filled but no change.
There was no transmission fluid
Filled fluid, but still will drive forward.
Have checked oil pressure. Belts. Pulleys. Running out of places to check. Thanks
Why is it doing this, replaced belts 3x. Any suggestions?
It feels like the back passenger side is shaking but also feels like the clutch isn't engaging.
is it worth it? they say it runs good but I think to much mileage? What does everyone think?
Tracker suddenly overheating, but only when driving.. never in idle. Replaced thermostat,alternator,water pump...still same. not sure if connected but a\c quit too at same time and battery showing small loses of power .. one rad hose piping hot, other cold...all fans seems ok, blows but no ac. No water in oil or vice versa.. im at the end of my budget for fixes so any info would be great..oh and only codethat came up was for engine overheating
my tracker now will not shift past 1st gear when cold. I have to wait till hot.. checked AFT, was down, added more till full.. once hot , will shift fine. no leaks or puddles under it. but ATF looks like keeps going down, having to add everyday , also causing my check engine light to come on. able to shift manually on lever
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