2001 Chevrolet Tracker Questions

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when running have a gas leakage (very abundant) next to the gas tank. Starts and runs OK, but when stopped in the red lights is a strong gas smell
I have the top pins out but how do I free up the rest ( lower )
I don't want to brake it.
Have had electrician spend 1.5 hrs already (not familiar with trackers). Eliminated fuse, relay and 'four corners'. Can't afford to have blind search. Any ideas? Or know of Tracker repair shop in Phoenix area?
When it does overheat when i turn the steering wheel the battery lite come on what could it be
what else can it be?? the one guy says maybe the flywheel was put on wrong the other one iinsists it was put on right what could it possibly be?? any suggestions would be great
when we bought it the timing chain had to be replaced and it has been an awesome car but in the past few days it stated a knocking sound please tell me its not too serious
min. prior to moving. Hard to start, recent new used engine installed, friend I think!!
Replaced the stud on right front wheel then put everything back on now my ABS light is on when I drive it is not on right away after i brake for the first time i hear the abs noise and the light comes on and stays on after that no noise and the tracker is braking fine
when replacing the front driver side
when i recently purchased my first tracker the ABS light was on and i thought nothing of it. but when i pushed on the brakes there was a moaning. the brakes quit working almost all the way and it did this a few times before quitting. after i drove it for about 15 minutes the sound stopped along with the break failure.
up a little while driving. The mechanic has replaced the fluid 2 times, no leaks, how do you know the difference between replacing the power steering pump and the rack and pinion? The mechanic said might have to try one and then the other??????
Loosens up after driving awhile on in the afternoon. If it's not the power steering pump what could it be? My mechanic said it could be the gear box????
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