1999 Chevrolet Tracker Questions

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I was told that a 1999 Chevy Tracker doesn't need a catalytic converter. Is this true?
when I turn on the headlights my dash lights turn off
And tried to replace the blower motor with two other used blower motors and was told it was the resistor not sure where this is located or how I can fix it or cost thank you for the help
I got it upbto about 55 before I coughed and died, it's a 5 speed 2.0l 4 cylinder I want to make sure it's worth fixing. It shot oil out from the oil filter I know it needs an oil change but is there something I should be worried about with the knock and could the knock be causing the oil leak?
shop replaced master cyl, brake booster, distribution block, proportioning valve, etc. the brake pedal has very little give when key is off and when key is on it goes to the floor. can someone help me?
has giant oil main seal leak. Could this leak cause CRK sensor to malfunction since this sensor is in the back of the engine behind the flywheel allowing the spread of oil onto it. again car runs great drove to NYC and back (1500 miles) and no problems, just that agrivating MIL light. Cannot get inspected until problem is corrected.??????????????????????
Last 2 Times the front end loked after shifting back to 2WD
Grinding noise some times ?? Thank You for your help.
I have a 99 tracker 2.0 I can't seem to get any fire! I was told to replace cam shaft possision sensor. So I changed it, it still has no fire. I then changed the computer it did not help neither. Still has no fire. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
The timing belt had just been fixed and the car has never run better. While driving on the highway there was no shutter, no smell, no lights on the dashboard but the engine just died. Tried turning the car over on the side of the road and tried turning over (no smell or no rough noises under the hood while cranking the key). When the car is turned on all lights come on on the dashboard and car dies after a few seconds of turning key. Took to Auto Zone to see if a code could be read to give us a hint and no codes were being given. Were thinking it might be the Alternator but we just had that checked at Auto Zone a week prior and they said it was still good. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
my drivers door window wont wind up with out me pulling it back about a 1/4 inch it goes down fine
hello i just replaced new rad,new cap new thermostat, cooling fan and both rad hoses and heater hoses now when i run the a/c or my defrosters my compresser n a/c cooling fan pulsate causeing my engine to run poorly
replaced rad,rad
cap, thermostat, new heater hoses , new rad hoses and new a/c cooling fan now when i try to run the a/c or defrosters the cooling fan and a/c compresser pulsate
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