2008 Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid Questions

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My son ordered one and have had the vehicle to two different places and they have not had any luck with installation. HELP!!!!! Seems there is an issue because of it being a Hybrid. What can I do? I am in the Cuba City, WI 53807 area. Diane Welp 563 590 0354
The dealership shop is saying that the Florescent Dye has damaged the AC system and adds $1500 to a $900 repair - Total $2400. Is there any warning about NOT putting Diagnostic Dye in a Tahoe Hybrid AC System?
after replacing all Tire Pressure Sensors the Tahoe drove fine for a while. Then the dash TPS fault light illuminated and has not gone off. All the tire pressure sensors are providing a pressure readout that corresponds to a manual pressure reading. I think I only have to clear the fault. I don't want to pay the dealer several hundred to get that done. Any suggestions or methods?
Changed cluster and same thing maybe even worse. Also tried a new ecm. Still the same. Seems like their bag light stays on the most. Still drives fine and everything else still works. Until cluster shuts off completely then no cruise control.
driver side front wheel loose, but shop recommends both be repaired
service stabilitrak and abs lights came on.
the cover are red and yellow and I would like to change all four to clear covers instead of the red and yellow. Just above the running board.
The Service Hybrid system keeps popping up and when i make a complete stop i have to turn off the car and crank it back up to get it started but it'll keep doing that till eventually the car will just stop while driving and you can't turn it back on i've taken it in to get repaired but it always comes back.
Air is cold, but not coming out of the vents very strong. Inconsistent flow.
I have had the check engine light come on 5 times during my 1.5 year ownership of my Tahoe hybrid. I have taken it into the dealer everytime and they told me they found nothing or just reset my computer?? On saturday it started and I called onstar to check systems, they also found nothing, 2 days later it started in the morning and I called onstar, they found a misfire??? as I was driving the vehicle to the dealership, the onstar agent stayed on the phone during the drive with the service writer from the dealership. The service writer could tell something was not right and had me leave the vehicle so the tech could check it out. They called me later in the day and ask if I liked the rental car I had because the miss fire ???? has ruined the engine and they are waiting on response from GM to send a new engine. This vehicle has 30,000 miles and was serviced regularly. including the 5 extra trips for the check engine light. What could have happened or did my dealer miss somehting along the way???? I just dont understand how this could happen so quick if nothing was really wrong in previous visits.
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