2009 Chevrolet Tahoe Questions

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Come on and will not start until a 5 to 7 minute wait.
2nd. you can feel the jump in every gear change but not as hard as first to second. what you think is the problem?
Airbag service light on
Since Oct. 2015 our check engine light comes on. Twice it "powered down". We've been stranded 5 times across the country (3 times over a 2 week period), and its in the shop now. The error msgs. say fuel too lean, fuel too rich. One shop cleaned a sensor, other replaced a sensor, one cleaned injectors, others reset codes while scratching their heads over conflicting codes. The injector cleaning allowed us 4 mos. of no trouble. It has 116,000 miles. We can't go anywhere and trust reliability. Any information would be appreciated.
My question is, would that be considered high milage for this model and you buy it. I'm hesitate due to the miles
Hub and still does it I was told it could be differential bearings is that a expensive fix
Each time I start my car, i notice a white cloud of smoke comes out of exhaust. Its not condensation cause the smoke lingers. My Tahoe only has 49,600 miles. It also stalls when changing RPM's when trying to.increase speed. Dont know if this could be related. noticed smoke in the last week.
The door locks unlock, the check engine light blinks on all electric instruments shut off. It is as if the ignition key was turned off and back on. The gas gauge acts erratic dropping below empty and triggering the low gas warning. I just do not know if it is strictly something electric or not.I have had nothing but problem since I bought this vehicle.
2009 LTZ
approx 60,000 miles
After I had my flex fuel tahoe's injection system cleaned it started running sluggish until the speed accelerated over 50 miles per hour. MPG decreased. When I took it to a repairman they stated the fuel pump module would not communicate with their diagnostic system. That the fuel pump module was locked. No communication to get diagnostic code. What could cause this to happen? Repairman is stumped. HELP.
when pumping gas its hard to get the gas into the tank due to pressure building up and the check engine light is staying on.
I am a new owner of this vehicle - the check engine light came on - stabili Trak off - traction control off - reduced engine power shuts the engine down and I can only coast? What is going on????
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