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This started after replacing a/c compressor, while charging a/c motor made a quick noise and temp started to rise. Water pump, temp sensor and thermostat have been replaced, pressure test also. I burped system also to check for air pockets and it's still overheating very quickly.
Truck just won't start. Spark plug wire was removed and replaced. Took it to the shop they can't find anything wrong.
07 Tahoe LT 2WD 3.42 gears
-looking to install a locker for slow-speed, off-road use.
-hoped to go to 3.73 gears for my 20" wheels, 275/55/20 tires, for better gas mileage and better power, etc.
If this is possible, will I need to change anything else like ring & pinion gears or have computer reprogrammed, etc?
I have a 2008 Tahoe and the traction and brake light come off and on while driving. If I have my vehicle on cruise control when the brake light comes it it disengages my cruise control. There is also a grinding noise in the front tire area when I take off from a complete stop. I was given the codes u0073 and c0267. What exactly do these mean and what repairs do I need done. I don’t want to be overcharged for something I don’t need.
Just purchased a 2007 Tahoe..... Still learning all the bells and whistles.... Do I have 2 bad bulbs? My daytime running lights are not coming on... Wondering if pervious owner has some how cancelled these lights for coming on.... Is there a sequence to turn these back on? Or do I have two bad bulbs? I know it is a serious pain to replace any type of bulb on the Tahoe....
07 Chevy Tahoe v8 4.8 ran test for check engine, codes came up we’re P0496
So I changed the purge valve and gas cap
and now it is making like a deep whistling noise when given throttle
I am changing the engine in my taho since that it blew
oil pressure fine , sending unit fine...all other gauges fine...needle doesnt move on oil pressure guage..dont think ever worked ....
Is the check engine light suppose to come on and off when we start engine??
Our truck stops running 5mins after I push the remote starter. We replaced battery in fob so what else could it be?
And the gas has really bad smell what could it be?thanks for any help.
Had a small snow and initially turned selector knob to auto to engage 4x4 when any slippage occurred but system stays engaged all the time (when selector is on auto) and grinds and jerks. 4lo also noisy. Transfer case oil was clean and no metal. 4x4 engages in all positions and all light indicators function. No trouble codes. Can it be a sensor or front differential? Even though a sensor should throw a code. Any help would be appreciated.
Steering jerking when starting to turn. Almost like slack but only does it at Low speeds About 2 inches then back to tight steering like normal. I jacked the front wheels off the ground thinking it may have been a tie rod bad but they are good also the hubs are good and upper and lower ball joints good also. Then I spun the front wheel and it went about 1 round and bound up the same thing with the other side. I checked to make sure the 4wd wasn't in. When I did engage the 4wd it has a horrible popping noise when I turn now but goes in and out of 4wd perfect. When I took it out of 4wd and turned a very loud pop sounded could this be my front differential?
Doors do not unlock Windows only operate from drivers switch
stalls when starting when cold, smell of gas, and a little fuel leak coming from top of gas tank
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