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Not all the time just sometimes no noises
nothing makes it worse or better it just won't lock w/FOM besides the hatch door/window does not allow for key entry because the button to open the window has no way for a key to be inserted, i.e. no tumbler,cylinder on this model.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? nothing makes it wore/btter just won't lock
How long have you had this problem? I bought the Chevy Tahoe two weeks ago from local used car dealer
The manual latch to open the rear window doesn't work either.
My car overheats when i get into traffic
I had it checked the code says its the evaportative leak , i changed the gas cap and the code is still there.
It just stopped working. Googling repairs but it's safety hazard since there is no way to open from inside AT ALL.
had new unit put in back of Tahoe last year. (has one in front two) now AC does not work again. had dye run thru it. said saw no leaks. had back control off. COLD NOW but wants to replace vaporizer vaccum under dash
Problem first started off with my front AC working intermittently around 80,000 miles. A couple thousand miles later (currently just under 83,000 miles the front AC doesnt even work intermittently. AC still blows cold thru the vents when I'm at speeds above 45/50 mph as long as the recirculate function is off. The rear AC has always and still works fine at all times. After doing some research I discovered a common problem was with the blower motor resistor and the blower motor itself esp chalky if the resistor is corroded. My resistor was corroded so I replaced both the resistor and the blower motor with no improvement. It seems as if I am not getting power at all to the resistor. I believe this may be a problem with a cable or with the dash control module itself. I have not had any codes read yet and I know I should have that done ASAP. What do you think the problem could be? Thanks in advance.
I could keep it running at about 400RPM, without touching accelerator, and about 1800 full to the floor.

I let it sit for an hour and when I started it, it jumped to about 1400 RPM and stayed there without any accelerator pedal.

Do I need to disconnect the battery and restart it, or soes the ECM need resetting?
This happens more often in rain. Pumping gas pedal fixes problem. Trans fluid is good. Sometimes nothing at all happens when gas pedal is depressed. Could this have something to do with electronic gas pedal ? It's not throwing any codes
what does code p0332 mean
Sporadically makes knocking noise. I took it to a repair shop and they mentioned something with one of a few flaps that moves with oil pressure. The guy told me to get a new vehicle. It started after an oil change. Any ideas if this is repairable at a reasonable price?
When I take off from a stop light the traction active is displayed on the dash. Could this be a new transfer case. How to trouble shoot.
Lock will not disengage using key fob or switch in the vehicle.
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