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Tahoe 05 will not allow me to refuel using automatic gas pump nozzels, 'burps' and shuts off after .4gal+/_ I have NO warning lites showing any problems
I have a 2005 Chevy Tahoe Z71 with 180000 miles and not original owner! So a couple days ago I got a check engine light so I hooked up a scanner and it returned a P0300 code which is a multi misfire code so I went and replaced all coil packs wires and plugs as I don’t know if it ever was done. So today the light came back on and now it’s throwing a P0306 code which is cylinder 6 I’m wondering what else could be the issue? I took off a new pack and put an older one on and it didn’t change anything. The engine vibrates a good amount and if you listen to the exhaust you can hear the misfire almost. No abnormal smell of gas from exhaust. Could this be a collapsed lifter issue? Oil change was done recently and I use the additive to clean injectors every other fill up any additional advice or answers as to what else this could be would be greatly appreciated! Also if you need to know anything else just let me know thank you for your time!
2005 Tahoe. 4.8 liter engine. No creamy color in oil. Heat barely works. Coolant leak. But the coolant gets hot. Previously changed the thermostat.
The engine is hot, and the anti freeze level is ok. All the hoses going to and from the heater core feel hot
I have changed speed sensor
on and calipers painted, from the time i left lot brakes started grabbing and pedal goes down. i took it another shop and the hyd. brake booster, upper control arms and ball joints replaced. yet my brakes are still grabbing and pedal going down, shop has no clue. does it not make sense to backtrack to when the problem began, mechanic at car lot painted the calipers he said to keep them from rusting. no problems with brakes till then...ive told mechanic many times when it started.
there are no leaks, or air in line..
is there a way for me to know if its calipers? it happens several times a day when i drive it.. no specific place, its like once the brakes have been used after driving it 30-45 min is when it scares me drive it bc i always have my 2 young boys in the suv and im afraid that its going to happen one too many times and theres going to be an accident...HELP PLEASE
I have a 2005 Z71 tahoe. Error code 404 with check engine light flashing. The dealership put the Vince number in and it says Chevy did not put an EGR valve on that model. Wondering what the problem could be then.
the cleaner and got a new gas cap. my miles per gallon on gas has lowereed since i have done all that
I am at a repair facility now brought car in temperature gauge was sticking on 210 now the repair facility tells me it only has one quart in it and they are changing it? Does that have any thing to do with the temperature gauge and is there any other kind of notification the vehicle would gave given me that it was low on oil? Thanks
Replaced the actuator and transfer case motor. It sounds like the front end is locking in but doesn't engage the front wheels. Fuses are good also. Codes showed that the transfer case motor issues. The shop that I was recommended didn't put the vehicle on the lift to ensure issue had been fixed, they went on what the computer said which didn't show any issues after exchanging the transfer case motor and actuator.
Also would this replacement ofbthe computer module cause the engine not to have will not go over 2500 rpms
Hello, my service air bag light is on and I was wondering is there a way to reset it or could it be a fuse problem or something serious. Thank you
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