2004 Chevrolet Tahoe Questions

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Front seat a/c system is working properly, air is cool/cold but the back side row seat a/c is not working at all.
When driving stop running engine cuts off
My truck seemed to drive a little funny the past few days...I drive to work ac worked fine, go to lunch nothing but hot air. Thanks in advance.
I only had mixed gas for a weed eater with me I put some of it in my Tahoe. Then got to gas station added fuel drove a lil ways it did same thing. Hooked to computer and got the following codes what do they mean? Ui255 xfer, PO 336, po 174, po 171, po151?
Just changed the oil 4 weeks ago.
The engine light came on as I started my vehicle yesterday morning. The engine is running smoothly, all the gauges are within an acceptable range, vehicle hasn't stalled
The light truns on right after we trun on the car
light continues to be on even though it has been reset.
60 side won't go down anymore. I see where the cable broke. Can it be fixed?
Change control arms and I changed twice, but can not find the problem, it thumps when ever l go over a bump but if pull a trailer or a load no noise, what could it be?
I drove it 4 different times and at 1st it happen to the back now the front on passanger side. Now can't go but about 8 blocks and if I let it idle after about 20 mins. It locks won't turn over.
Hose is still cold. Shouldn't both hoses be hot? Has enough coolant. Actuator door bad? But hoses would still be hot? Could water pump be bad? Not leaking.
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