2002 Chevrolet Tahoe Questions

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I hear a noise ,once I start adding RPM to it .But the car drive smooth, after all.
Shifting from gear ( 1 to D ), I realize that the 2nd gear makes more noise something is turning freely.
Please , could you tell me what could be causing that at the 2nd gear ??????? All the other gears are fine ,and drive smoothly. Tks

I've tried WD-40,Nut Blaster so far nothing

front end locked in place

Engine misfires esp when it's cold. This is daily. I've had it checked at the dealership stated they didn't find what is wrong except a misfire.

Notice a squeaking noise in front of motor and leaks coolant in front of engine

I have a 02 Tahoe ,and the heat system is working only on the ceiling side of the car when turn on, but those on the front panel of the driver are not blowing nothing .What could be causing that ? Please let me know.

I didn't know if I need to replace my transfercase or is it my rear differential ? Something has my wheels locked? I need a clue

How much pressure should a 2002 Chevrolet Tahoe fuel pump put out?

it happens everyday...what can i do to get it fixed..

The sound stops when you unhook the battery.

I have dismantel all the brakepipes from the unit, because they need to be changed. I did not mark the pipes and it is difficult to see where the right place are fore them.
I need to know where to connect the pipes.

When it is cold

rear axle is making a whining noise while driving what could is be?

the battery charges and then it doesn't, everything went out and then came back on it is the cluster in the dash or is it going to quit all together, the battery light comes on . i took it and put it on a machine, new battery and alternator was fine. puzzled

After my Tahoe gets up to normal operating tempetures when I hit a bump, any size bump in the road, all of the gauges start to go crazy. I have checked and cleaned all conection on grounding straps and both cable coming off the batery. If I have a OBD wire pluged into the OBD plug, no reader connection on the other end, the gauges work propery. Any sugestions on what to do?