2002 Chevrolet Tahoe Questions

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if i put it straight in drive it will stay on, if i go through the gears it will go out and stay out
TC shifting is pretty routine most of the time. Now I want to dinghy tow the vehicle and it will not shift to neutral.
How many miles should I get so I can judge it better.Quarter of a tank the previous owner says it runs out that's at 250 many miles should I get if it didn't cut off at s quarter.
Alrrady replaced inline filter andfuel pump
We have had the front end checked twice, and changes the wheel barrening. it still makes the noise
4wd service lights stays on when vehicle is shifted in and out of 4wd.

vehicle will not start once the fuel drops below 1/4 tank. tank is not empty.
It has 200000 miles but always serviced this is a new problem. Universal joints are good an cv axles are ok wheel bearings are good.i hear the sound from the driver side
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