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Making a put put put sound while idling. Gas pedal giving resistance to go(like when you are out of gas) . Car is shaking a bit when stoping or starting . Check engine light flashing while driving.
I had 3 sensors replaced and now the computer emission system is reading not ready it will not pass inspection.
2001 Chevy Tahoe
Right front window won't go down from either button and the left rear window goes up & down only an inch from either button.
The side mirrors can't adjust with the buttons.
Defroster NOT working on my 2001chevy tahoe it not heating up sometimes antifreeze will bubble in rezavor when I open cap
My front heaters blow cold air. I need heat when it's -5° my rear heaters work fine good thing.. but when my defoster is on it's nothing but cold air...I'm thing the lower main blender door actuator but I'm scared to change it if that's not the problem...heater core lines been flushed.. antifreeze level is good and I bought the good stuff not the 50/50 stuff
When starting/after starting can have intermittent issues with radio and CD Player working. If a rough start radio will not come on same for CD player.
Crazy, after running car and shutting it off. Next start will see the radio and CD player work!
What seems to make the problem better or worse? First/rough start, both!
How long have you had this problem? Months/Years
After it started, all the gauges were at zero, the engine light and ABS light was on. Disconnected the negative battery terminal left off for 10 minutes reconnect the battery. Tried to start and everything was normal. After two days tried to start and noticed it cranked slower but started. Later that day started again and all the gauges were at zero and the engine light and ABS light was on again. Disconnected the negative battery terminal again reconnected and started normally all gauges or normal again no engine light. Disconnected the negative battery terminal again reconnected and started normally all gauges or normal again no engine light.
How long have you had this problem? Just started this week.
my tahoe keeps loosing power,when it does ALL power goes off.Somtimes it wont start,others it runs fine for a while then all of a sudden the power goes off.It happened on the highway going 65mph.ive had a new battery put in,new battery cables,another new battery cable,all lines to fuel filter cleaned,and no one can figure out what is causing it.Ive owned it for 5 months and its been in the garage 7 times.Each time it happens i have it towed,they get it and it starts right up and runs.I get it back drive it a while(all different amounts of days,weeks) then it happens again.
While driving is ok but once is in stop and on it over heat and the a/c blows hot air we already change the thermostat and Water pump there's no leak the radiator has been check alrady is ok. We dont know what else could be
Replaced oil sending unit oil pressre was at 60 psi at idle. Now it over heats still the reservoir boils over.
Door lock is intermittent or non functioning when using remote or wired switches.
After I turn it off the parking light and back lights stay on. I have to use dome override to turn dash lights on or off. A week agoy dome lights quit working unless I turn them on manually
Getting power to resistor an to pigtail that goes to blower motor 13.3 when check with meter blower motor still won't come on relay is good what else can I check
My check engine light was on when I leased my Tahoe about a month ago. We had it out on computer one code came up for o2 sensor we replaced a week ago. The following Monday the check engine light came back on this time it's reading 6 codes all for o2 and knock sensors most say low circuit.. Then last Friday drove all around didn't act up till headed home with a/c on high and about 100 outside. Then it started sputtering, the TAC went down wouldn't go over 20 mph. Then stalled and battery died.. Need help
I got codes for knocker and o2 sensors
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