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I have two questions. First one. My air conditioner blows air at approx. 70 degrees. I believe the system needs to be recharged what should the A/C Manifold gauges read on the low and high side? They currently read 52-54 and 295-300 on high side.

Second question. My fan switch will not operate on the high setting. It does work on all other settings. I recently bought a new switch so I know that isn't the issue.
Brake lights are constantly on whether pedal is compressed or not. I replaced the brake light switch and problem still occurs. When the switch is not in position on the master cylinder rod lights are off. I know it’s not a fuse or the switch. What other possible things could it be?
I have a 1999 Chevy Tahoe my brake lights went out the other day the right blinker comes on the left one does not work where should I start to fix this problem I really need those brake lights on as soon as possible you know come to think of it the other day I did hear some noise sounding like a little bit of electrical interference in the glove compartment area when I was driving I wonder if that had anything to do with this problem what do you think
Whine sound
Heater doesn't blow any air
I was told the tccm is in the passenger side kick panel,it's not can any one tell where it is?
Mounting threads have been broken. Bolt has been dropped from the top. When I tighten the nut on the inside mounting bolt and the out side up evenly the bottom of the starter does not stay flush with the bell housing. how do prevent that from happening? Any help would be appreciated
What seems to make the problem better or worse? When flush starter works fine but keeps jumping out of place
How long have you had this problem? A few days
I would like to install the themostat on my 99 Tahoe
where is it located top or bottom of engine
As soon as I put in a fuse it blows
I'm looking for a power steering pump because my precious sensor valve went bad. In order to get the right one I need to know whether or not my truck has hydroboost breaks .
The window has fallen and I want to pick it up
Already replace fuel pump, fuel filter, sensor, ran a diagnostic test which shows nothing is wrong. Why won't it start?
Only in morning when it's cold I spray starting fluid and it starts after that for the most part it starts
Fuel pump, starter, relay switch been replaced. Error codes p0420, p0304 plug and wire, p0155 o2 sensor bank 2 sensor1 happens after driving for a while just shuts off like as no gas all battery functions work like radio Windows etc.. Power steering is gone... Wait a while and will start again about 5 minutes if try write away turns over but doesn't start... Engine is not riding rough no backfire nothing that lets you know it's going to shut off... Happens at highway speeds as well as low speeds and at times when stop.... Please let me know where to start... After research my codes seem to trigger eachother o2 sensor can cause catalytic converter code so need a starting point
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