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after a camping trip I turned my 98 Chevy Tahoe off to fill it with gas. Then out of nowhere it just dies, I have no lights, no nothing as if I don’t have a battery in it at all and there’s a ticking sound coming from under my steering wheel whenever the key is removed from the ignition. Just to add to the mystery, this truck has a new battery, starter was just replaced and the alternator is about a year old. I’ve had no problems leading up to this at all, it’s been running and starting like a dream. BCAA came and manages to get my truck to start, when I asked him how the guy says he just unplugged the battery and plugged it back in I drive home, park my truck and it goes dark again. Battery reads as fully charged and disconnecting it hasn’t worked again. All of the fuses are good also. We’re stumped!
hearing a ticking noise when i touch the relay it was vibrating and then when my headlights are on my car my right side blinker doesnt work and when my headlights are off it blinks a lot faster then my left hand side blinker
My 98 tahoe will crank over you can hear the fuel pump but it won't start is it possible that it could have jumped time I have put a little gas in the carberator and still nothing in need of some helpful hints I need my truck. 1st thing I did is transmission tune up new filter, 2 selinoids , gasket and new fluid and no change.

What else can I check or so?
I changed practically everything that could be wrong with my heat but when I bought my truck the heater control valve had to be replaced but didn't have the money for it so I took it out and now I don't have heat at all.
my brakes became so tight while driving I had to pull over or come to stop in road. pushed hard on petal. felt a pop and petal hit floor and no brakes now
And it doesn't want to go up a small inclin even if you have the gas peddle pushed down giving it gas what could be the problem can you help me please.
Installed radio and heater want blow hot air only cold at the windshield. Also dash lights went out too.
Out at the dfrost also panel lights out too what went wrong
When driving i hear a clicking that is in conjuction with the engine. if i accelerate it clicks faster. i can feel the vibration when im driving. it typicaly only dose it when the truck is cold or i am going slower speeds.(under 25) From what i have tried to reserch on my own it sounds like its the transfer case. Im hoping the fluid is just low and i dont need to replace it. If anyone could point me in the right direction to start i would be grateful, Thanks!
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