1997 Chevrolet Tahoe Questions

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Shakes when put on drive and accelerate and when stopping
When shifting in to drive from park from the column shifter it will go to over drive then it stops. so i can't manually shift to d1 d2 or d3. all gears shift fine from od while driving
No vacuum leaks found around intake.
Transmission acts like it is starting in 2nd gear
The seatbelt got locked from the bottom and I can't take off the box to unlock it.
When tahoe get turned on, the brake lights seemed to be stuck on. Buy when I push the brake pedal they go off. Can't drive truck at night. Somebody said look on the brake pedal bar, it's the brake sensor.
Wires were ripped or cut im not sure, from steering column in an attempted theft. Worked and ran fine before this. I had the steering column replaced but now it won't start. No power of any kind
er - what to try next? Does not seem to be fuel related - and is problem only when "hot" and at lower speeds
have had this light on for a while and havent seemed to find the problem out
4 wd drive shaft
Three weeks later hit a bump, no power. We have replaced the fuses and it still keeps happing. Is the fuse block or what.
Its happened twice now but it starts right back up after a few seconds
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