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When testing with a fuel gauge what should the oil pressure be? What components are involved when reading 20 psi?
Once I hit 55 mph it starts to shake and as I increase speed it starts to shake even more... My dash board vibrates real bad
Last time I had small accident... I broke up axle rear... so I changed this, and I changed wheel cylinder, springs, brakes shoe etc. (all rear brakes set)... and I bleeding brakes (rear cylinder wheel) and everythink was great... but when we closed rear vent then... was running blowing air in master cylinder (from FRONT brakes, wtf??) like on this movie....

pedal is working good but something is wrong, and I can't find any solution;/ can you help me?
sorry for my English I know he is like parts from china (do not offend Chinese) and sorry if I chose wrong section.
I have to try find solution abroad (USA, CANADA) because in Poland no one knows this car's, engine's like you... (you have many such cars, american muscle you know... you are masters) I love this car, I love American cars. help me fix my tahoe, please I don't want to sell it


I have tahoe 1996 5.7L
I have a 96 Chevy Tahoe 4x4, I've been looking at it for the past week and can't figure out the problem. I was driving to school and i was stopped at a light and when it turned green I hit the gas, and heard a big thud and then I couldn't go anywhere. The engine starts just fine but I pushed it outta the way and tried putting it in reverse & you could hear it tryingto catch but still didn't move. I checked the the tranny for broken gears & metal and what not but there was nothing in there.
I'm not sure what else to check or what it could be.
Runs good once it starts but is very hard to get started. Could it be a battery terminal?
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Acts like it's not getting fuel but it is causing it to flood
How long have you had this problem? Just started
Had ran it 45 mins. was hot out. no symptom till I started up a grade. Wanted to stall, like out of gas...pulled off road and it idled ok...sat a few moments. Put it in gear and it died. Would crank but not fire. Had to tow it. Next morning fired right up..Idle is a we bit rough.
ALL electrical ...lights,gages,radio,heater fan....starters new....battery...alttrntr.
I Imagine it's somnthn electrical.
Can ya tell me where to begin....??...
Gas from the exhaust what could be the problem
it happens every time
I took my 96 Chevy Tahoe to get a replacement fly wheel installed for my transmission i was charged $412 for parts and labor, but 6 days later my car couldn't go into park. Does the mechanic I when to have to fix it at no extra charge?
Tahoe started fine ran around doing errands, came home shut it off went back out a day & half later and tahoe would not fire. Checked battery its ok, tried jumping it off still wont fire. What could be wrong.
I have replaced fuel pump, fuel filter, and throttle positioning sensor. It will set and run fine but the min you drop it in reverse it dies instintly. Even you try to give it gas. And only in reverse?
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