1995 Chevrolet Tahoe Questions

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95 5.7l Tahoe doesn't have a DTC but doesn't seem to be running up to par. Changed Coolant temp sensor (2wire) and checked reference voltage to the connector and reads 1.5 volts. Is this okay or should it be more like 5 volts?
My 95 Chevy Tahoe has been idling rough at times, and it seems that the smell coming from the exhaust smells like stinky gas. My cousin noticed the other day that when I was idling in my church's parking lot, it looked as if the lights around speedometer were dimming as the truck was idling rough. Also, at times when I am going through a drive-thru, my truck almost jerks when I have my foot on the break. My uncle and I feel as if the fuel pressure regulator might have gone bad in the truck, but I am not sure. We really want to isolate the problem, so we know what correct part to buy.
Have replace camshaft sensor crankshaft sensor ignition module spider injectors,check all fuses fuel pump. Still the same
I replaced plugs, wires, rotor bug, an distributor cap. But it wont start up. I ran fine b4 I changed everything I made sure all wires are right on cap from engine. But can't seem to figure out the problem.
need to know what it could be
the heat works when it wants to blows really soft when the switch is on high. it is a 1995 Chevy Tahoe 2 door LT
When you give it gas it back fires and dies.this all started yesterday.
Tahoe will not start i checked the relays first good noticed that the pump was not kicking on and the injectors were not pulsating so i put a new fuel pump in and it ran good for a day then the same problem i check all the fuses under the hood with my test light and all are good except last bottom 3 ( fuel Sol , engine , and ecm) fuses are not getting power to them what would cause this and what could the problem be?
Had a new tranny put in . But they didnt put the seal in right blew it out. Need to replace the front seal
When I step on breaks it's pushing fluid back in the reservoir. Done everything and replaced everything but abs unit. Can't figure it out. Any suggestions?So I have replaced the brake booster and master cylinder 3 times and bleed brake
I barely have first when it heats up but when cold it drives fine..i put new torque Converter, new fluid and filter..not leaking anything...i was told itmight be pressure control solenoid..does that sound right
My 95 tahoe turns over , I have fuel preasure up to the manifold. I also have spark to each plug, and the wires are connected to the cap as per the factory firing order. I'm am getting light back fire, so I'm wondering is it possible the timing could be off that much that it wouldn't start or is it possible it jumped time ? if it isnt timing, what else could possibly go bad ?
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