2002 Chevrolet Suburban 2500 Questions

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My 02 Suburban has a buzz/hum when i take off from a stop and @2500-3000 rpm. It has 111000 miles on it. A buddy if my said it may be the cats but it sounds metal-on-metal.

So any advice would help, thanks.
some times when i take off it runs like any other vehickle but some time it sounds like it is having a hard time shifting gears like it is wounding up.
On our Suburban, the driver and passenger rear right door window works great up and down but the left side both front and back work fine going down, but are REALLY slow or stop going up at times. Any ideas?
We feel a major vibration while driving ~30 mph and higher. It increases with speed. It seems it may be in or near the front differential or between the differential and front-left wheel. Tires are balanced. It feels as if something is not properly tightened and is allowed slightly too much movement as it spins. Any suggestions for what to check?
Sounds like a sensor according to other posts. Sensors aren't too expensive, but can a do-it-yourselfer fix? Is it worth giving it a shot, or should I bite the bullet and take it in?
At low speeds, I can turn right perfectly, but no power steering for a left turn. Hydraulic pump pressure seems OK. This problem just happened with no symptoms leading up to it. I was told that the gearbox is binding (but no one can tell me what is broken in it) and must be replaced and that the hydroboost must be replaced and that the front differential VIN tube/gasket is leaking and must be fixed/replaced. Does this make sense? Val
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