2001 Chevrolet Suburban 2500 Questions

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I just changed fuel pump
I need to buy an actuator and gear for the defrost blend door. What part numbers and how do I do it?
transmission wants to slip periodically
I bought the truck used and the DIC does not work, checked for dtcs and none were found except for the auto ride, maybe some one disconected the lamp? Lamp burned out? all the gauges work and the truck runs great!
light goes off, but comes back on at random times
my headlights wont turn on and i replaced my headlight switch and fuses and still nothing so what can be the problem
needs new engine
I love my 2001 chevy suburban 2500!!! 190,000k strong
Need to know how to change the trany fluid???
AC failed. Dealer said $900 to replace compressor. Bought new parts online and installed. Put in oil and recharged freon. Only hot air, both front and rear. Checked fuses, all ok. Replaced them with extras, still only hot air. Touching accumulator, it's HOT, not cold. Any ideas?
The ac is losing its charge, cooling is minimal. The information on refrigerant to use under the hood recommends R-22 or equivalent. I thought all automotive was 12 and then changed to 134a. I know the oils are not compatible, so will a system flush solve the problem and change to 134a.
How i reset the change oil light?.I disconected the terminal of my batteries and the light come back.
Change oil light come and still for 40 secs after started,oil change done less than 500 miles.
Cruise control doesn't work?
Few minutes after start engine the brake and abs light come on
The engine fail to start at the first time,and then the fuel pump make a excesive noise,the engine later start to shake
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