2000 Chevrolet Suburban 2500 Questions

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truck looses power when trying to start it. All battery connections and grounds art good. What can cause the loss of power under the dash and then in a few minutes, return power?
New batt and starter,turn key and horn beeps.
Replaced batt and starter will not crank,turn key and horn blows.
I replaced both fuel pumps replaced seal on top of tank. Replaced seal AGAIN,but still leaks
It is in the lock position and won't turn to the start position, so i can't push the release pin
Turn my heater on in my suburban and a squeak sound comes out of the vents/ What is that?
My suburban wont stay running unless I am giving it gas. When I take my foot off the gas it dies. I am going to start by replacing the fuel filter on my own before going to shop for additional diagnosis. Where is the filter located on the chasis and what are the steps to replacing it?
When I sit in idle/park my fuel gage drops to empty and the light comes on. Put it in gear/drive and goes right up back to the right gas level.
Started suburban this a.m little squeak from engine turned on defroster and lots of squeaks from vents inside cabin. Went out later, no squeaks with defrost but when a/c was on, nothing from engine but the inside vents were squeaking loud like earlier. Eventually stopped. New sound. saw no codes
On my way home from work the ABS light come on and my transmission started slipping on my 2000 Suburban 2500. The speedometer also started bouncing around and finally went to zero while I was driving. After sitting for a little while it drove like normal, and then started the same thing. Is the transmission going out or do I have a bad sensor somewhere?
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