1997 Chevrolet Suburban 2500 Questions

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I was told that the bad gass wede cleared out,couldve built up in the catalytic converter and causihg it to fail.Year long resto,on one bad machine,just dont have extra cash for something like a cat,looking for a less expensive way to sve it
Hello, I have a 97 suburban that will not start. No spark!!! Hit was to passenger fender. I have no rpm signal!!! Things I have replaced are
Cam sensor
Plugs and wires
Cap and rotor
Crank sensor
Everything has power and 12v except yellow wire to crank sensor. Has 8.1v. Assumming not sending signal to pcm. I have went through the wiring harness and have found nothing wrong. Also with test light I get no pulsing. I've checked all grounds and connections. Does not have any codes. Fuel pressure is 60lbs. What am I missing??????
Put car in drive it would not move forwards or backwards no wining in transmission or strange noises in or out gear. Transmission is full of fluid, also tried putting it into 4 wheel drive with no change. This is an automatic transmission 4 wheel drive,
Locks work with key fob. Fuse blows after couple of minutes. What should I check next.
Would the crank positio sensor stop it from starting if it got that hot. Pwm was relocated to front bumper long ago. New heads,waterpump,fan clutch,radiater, coolant temp sen,air intake temp sensor all before this overheat suggestions on why it won't start. It turns over and there is fuel no codees on scan gauge iii
I have a full floating axle. As far as i know i need to reamove the tires then i have to take off the 8 bolts around so i can pull out the axle. what i dont know is if ill have to get into the differential to remove any types of pins or locks.
brake pedel grabs and sometimes the pedel will go all the way down till it stops. sometimes and I here metel grinding when I first apply the brakes in the morinig but stops shortly there after.
Engine has tap after cold start then it goes away?
Does the cam shaft & lifters need replacing? If yes,
cost of parts & labor?
just got a couple of weeks ago . i really did not check fan , but a/c blew cold not when i start it the air is coming out of heater ducts then shits to vents. changed electric fan. was froze up but only had power on one side of fuse then changed relay got power no fan still, looked at a wiring schematic has ties with recirculating blend door. i think thats it the problem but not 100%
When I am driving downhill the transmission slips out of gear. It usualy happens between 50 mph and 65 mph. It only happens when I am coasting or braking. Once it slips, slowing down dosen't get it back in gear but pushing on the accelerator gets it back in gear. The fluid level is full and light brown-red. I am having no problems on the flat or under a load. Any Ideas on what might be happening?
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