1994 Chevrolet Suburban 2500 Questions

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Battery good. It still won't do anything doesn't crank turn over nothing. What else do I need to check
Belt seemed to be squealing so I replaced the water pump, and kept making noise. Replaced AC condenser and filled with coolant, made noise still replaced power steering pump and hoses for brakes too. Now don't have power brakes or power steering and trans is slipping too. I need some guidance please?
it seems when engine is cool trans does good. When engine runs on hot days trans slips above 45 mph
am mech have own shop been at this for days
the truck ran fine for about a week, then started stuttering on take off from a stop. after that it started shaking and stuttering worse when id turn left. thot it was points, so i got a new cap and roter. ran great again for a couple of days then started doing it again. my wife when to yakima today and says that there is smoke comming out of the tale pipe now. whats wrong with my baby????/ please help.

im not a mechanic but i know the basics about care.

how would my truck running if my injector were going bad or clogged?
i changed my transmission fluid and filter the other day and filled it with a gallon of fluid my wife purchased. after that the truck started running funny like stuttering when i hit the gas from a stop,and when i turn left the truck shakes. fells like it shakes more towards the rear. did i put the wrong trans fluid in. pls help!!! this id the only car me and my wife have to drive
adjust timing 94 k2500 454
How do I replace the rear drums on my 1994 chevy suburban?
temperature gage does not move at all
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